Recreating the Odds: D’Andre Saxton

D’Andre Saxton
D’Andre Saxton

D’Andre Saxton didn’t just beat the odds. He reinvented them.

It’s rare to see someone in their early 20s master the art of changing their entire mental state in order to completely re-create their life. Most people at this stage of life think that life is all about doing, all about finding the right activity, the right technique, and simply working until things magically come about. But it takes a special layer of maturity, a special keen insight, a special intuition, to know that one has to change the way they think, and thus change who they are at a fundamental level, in order to truly break through and reach the type of success that most people only dream about.

Less than a year ago, D’Andre Saxton was essentially homeless and living in poverty, sleeping on his grandparents couch in San Diego. He had tried and failed at a variety of businesses, getting mixed results but ultimately going nowhere fast. On the edge of a breaking point, he decided he wanted to take a chance and sign up for a business conference led by a guru named Bob Proctor.

With less than $1000 to his name, and thousands more in debt, Saxton packed a few things into his car, drove the two hours from San Diego to Los Angeles, and went to the conference. He dressed the part and look the part, but he was living on a string and sleeping in his car every night of the conference. However, what he learned at the conference about mindset, the law of attraction, subconscious motives, and more, absolutely revolutionize the way he thought. Within a few weeks after the event, Saxton began working as a consultant and coach for Bob Proctor and made a significant mental shifts to becoming a coach to help other business leaders grow, thereby helping him grow himself. In less than threemonths, Saxton generated an astonishing $350,000 in revenue for his new company.

“Literally, I went from sleeping in my car to earning over $350,000 in less than two-and-a-half months,” Saxton explains.

 “If you were to meet me when I first attended that event back in January–I had a nice suit and drove an Audi–I looked the part. I never knew we had an internal self-image, and it was because of my internal self-image, that I wasn’t allowing myself to become successful.”

Deciding that he wanted to completely reorient his thinking toward small, achievable goals each day, and working intelligently toward execution and momentum, transformed who he was and how he led business. Today, he’s one of the fastest rising coaches and speakers in the United States, with limitless momentum and potential.