Reasons: Why You Should Choose a Smart TV?

Smart TV

Smart TVs are common these days because of the unique TV watching experience that they provide to the users. From gaming to scrolling through your Facebook feed on its screen, Smart TVs allow you to go beyond TV watching.

I have subscribed to Spectrum cable packages but some people now skip this option. Because they can easily connect the Internet to the TV as well. However, I feel that cable packages still offer channels that one cannot find on streaming services.

I bought a Smart TV for the following reasons:

Image Quality

Smart TVs provide an extraordinary image quality. The viewers can watch everything in the best possible picture quality. Thus, making for an amazing TV watching experience. From the contrast rates to the brightness levels, everything is adjustable in Smart TVs. Not to forget the color accuracy that these TVs offer.

Other than that, the user experience is also better with Smart TVs. Even if you are not in a mood to watch TV, viewing something on Smart TV would encourage you to do so. Because of image quality. From HD to Blu-ray, Smart TVs support all types of image qualities. You will also notice that viewing two same movies recorded on DVD will offer a better result when viewed on Smart TV.

Internet Connectivity

Another benefit that Smart TVs have over other TVs is the fact that you can connect your Internet to it as well. The recent Smart TVs come equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi system. This allows users to connect the TV to the Internet with ease. Think of it as connecting your mobile phone to the Internet at home. Similarly, you can enter the Wi-Fi details on your Smart TV once. Following that, the TV will connect to the Internet automatically.

However, make sure that you place your Wi-Fi router close to the TV. Otherwise, it won’t be able to connect with ease. ‘Close’ implies placing the router in the same room as the smart TV is in. If you do not follow this instruction, you will have trouble viewing content online on the TV screen.

Slim Design

Smart TVs come in a slim design that makes them a hot favorite among people. You will notice that Smart TVs are always found on the walls of the homes. You do not have to place them ion tables or consoles. Hence, saving space as well. Whether it is a 4K TV or an LED, TV is always thin.

OLEDs are slimmer than LCDs and LEDs but they all are under 2 inches thick. You have to see one Smart TV live to realize just how incredible a difference does the thinness brings.

Cord Cutting

Cord-cutting is common these days. People have easy access to online streaming apps and everything is available online. So, they consider it a burden paying for two services when they can do with one. Therefore, people ditch cable services for Internet packages.

Another reason why Smart TVs are more common now. Because they allow the people to stream anything they please. Thus, leaving no room for cable TV packages. However, some people still opt for cable TV. This category includes adults who are not that comfortable with technology.

Voice Control

Not always a pre-installed feature, many Smart TVs come equipped with voice control. This feature makes it easy for individuals to give their fingers some rest and command the remote through their voices. The remotes that come with Smart TVs include a ‘voice control’ button. All you have to do is press it and then speak whatever your command is. The remote will act accordingly.

Some of the commands that you can give the smart remote include changing the channel, opening and downloading an app, connecting to social media accounts and playing a video on YouTube. Apart from having a smart remote, some Smart TVs are Alexa compatible (or any other speaker in that case). You can use them to give commands as well.

Availability of Games and Apps

One of the main reasons why Smart TVs are so popular among people is the availability of games and apps. You can play games or use Facebook and YouTube on your Smart TV without having to view them on small screens (like that of your smartphone). You will have a better experience of playing online games and scrolling through your newsfeed on Smart TV than your PC or mobile because of the picture quality.

Some of the pre-installed apps that the Smart TVs come equipped with include Chromecast and Google Play. These apps are enough to allow you to download more apps on the TV. Like the Roku TV app that gives you access to Roku free channels.

However, you should remember that these apps do not come free of cost. You will have to purchase certain apps before you can enjoy using them.