Reasons to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee

You will readily get a Jeep Grand Cherokee at the 2020 jeep grand cherokee chicago. So why should you buy it? The following are some of the reasons why you need to purchase a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Drivability both on and off-road

Jeep is a name which tends to be synonymous with a four-wheel drive. Handy during the winter weather, outdoor activities, bumpy roads, and much more. The Grand Cherokee is one of the many four-wheel-drives that the Jeep has produced. It also comes with a rear-wheel-drive only version that has the benefits of fuel economy that is improved.

The Grand Cherokee power steering that is electrically assisted and the ground clearance that is adjustable by use of the Quadra lift air suspension is what gives the driver a lot of versatility for the on and off adventures on the road. It is the grand Cherokee versatility which is excellent for road trips when going up the mountain or down the beach or into the woods.

It has a unibody construction instead of the average body on ladder construction frame. Thus the grand Cherokee driving and handling characteristic can feel to be more of a car than a truck.

It comes with turbo diesel

From 2011, it is possible to get a grand Cherokee that ha a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine. It allows the drivers to tow up to about three tons with returns close to about 30mpg when on the highway which is not a bad thing for a 5000 pound SUV that is mid-sized. Other options for an engine include 300 hp V-6 or a 5.7l Hemi V-8 which is excellent for more than 450hp.

View and height

With the grand Cherokee, you will get a commanding view of the road. It has a roofline which is about 6 feet high, ensuring that you can easily peer around obstructions that are natural such as small vehicles and bushes while in the shopping centers. The headrest of the rear seat can easily be flipped down when they are not in use and thus, you can be able to see behind you more easily. The backup camera at the rear in the latest models provides visibility that is improved while parking.

Plenty of features and ample interior

The interior of the Grand Cherokee with accents of wood trim provides seating that is supportive for fiver passengers. The seats are available in cloth or leather with legroom that is wide enough. Rear reclining and head seating seats makes a road trip to be relaxing incredibly for the passengers with the USB ports making device charging easier.

The optional features include premium sound system, dual screen entertainment system, moon/sunroof, Bluetooth, voice-activated touch screen system for navigation, rain sensitive windscreen wipers, calling that is handsfree, voice texts, and voice commands.

The interior has a power liftgate to make access very fast when going to the trunk and for the cargo space, 38 cubic feet access. It is possible to double the access to the cargo space by folding down the rear seats.