Reasons for not buying followers.

Whoever has never thought of buying followers to increase the credibility of their company should throw the first stone!

Everybody who works with instagrams has seen a profile of selling followers and was curious where these followers come from isn’t it?

Buying followers seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

It seems advantageous at least until we find out the consequences of making that decision.

You can end your company’s instagram if you do this, if you want to know why you keep reading until the end.

Who wouldn’t like to see your company’s instagram pumping, would they?

Well, if you want your company’s instagram to grow, the last thing you should do is buy followers.

In addition to tarnishing your company’s image, you’ll kill your company’s instagram in no time.

Most of these purchased followers are fake accounts that were created solely to follow people.

The instagram distributes its content based on the profile of interest of the people who follow you and interact with its content.

If the majority of your followers are purchased you confuse the instagram and it cannot understand the profile of people who are interested in your content.

If the instagram doesn’t understand who it should show its publications to, it won’t show them to anyone.

Another factor that makes the program not show its content to anyone else is that you have little commitment to its publications. 

Unengaged content equals bad content for the program.

The instagram wants people who are there on the platform to stay there as long as possible, so if people don’t like the content that’s appearing to them, they’ll soon leave the platform.

So if the instagram understands that content is bad content that people don’t want to see it stop showing that content to platform users.

And it’s even worse when you buy followers because then the instagram understands that even people who follow that profile don’t like the content to interact with.

But if the problem is engagement then it’s just buying fun, isn’t it?

The answer is NO, buying likes is going to confuse you even more, because the people who will enjoy that post are not people who follow you.

It makes it even harder for the instagram to define who is the audience that has interest in that kind of content you post.

The instagram is smart, it will see that you have many followers and none of them interact with your posts, and that you have a lot of fun but none of the profiles that liked your post follow you.

What you have to take into account before you think about buying followers and hooks is that the profile that will be following you or the one that will be enjoying that post of your instagram are profiles created just for that.

That is, let’s say you sell clothes in your instagram, then you buy tanned clothes, then those profiles go there and enjoy your clothes post.

After a few hours someone who sells light bulbs goes there and buys light bulbs too, then those same profiles who enjoyed your clothing publication go there and enjoy your light bulb publication.

And so on, enjoying publications of all possible subjects several times a day

Tell me how you’ll instagram it to create an interest pattern for that profile?

It’s impossible to create a pattern, the instagram will get confused and will try to create one based on what those profiles have enjoyed, only as there are several different subjects it will start showing its content to people who have no interest in clothing.

As those people that he will be showing his content will not interact the instagram will gradually cut his reach because his content will start to be considered bad.

In short, comprar seguidores or making out will hurt you more than helping.