Reasons a laptop is a MUST during a lockdown

With the lockdown 5.0 upon us, we think it’s safe to say that we are acing this whole quarantine. It took us a virus to learn that most of our day to day activities can be done within the comfort of our homes. Our children are still attending schools, our families are still getting work done and some of us are still learning professional online courses, musical instruments, baking, and other such activities. And all this is possible because of our super-efficient laptops.

Laptops have turned out to be our biggest blessing in this quarantine period. The following are some reasons a laptop is an absolute necessity during a lockdown.

 1) Connected to work:

Our pre-COVID lives revolved around computers and laptops at our workplaces. We had busy lives attending meetings, going cabin to cabin, discussing ideas, and business strategies with our colleagues. Having a laptop during quarantine will help us stay connected to work as we now maintain social distancing. It will help us to do these everyday tasks through our laptops and communication platforms like Skype, Google meet, etc.

 2) Connected to Schools:

With the whole academic year of 2022 seemingly shut, schools are forced to conduct their classes online so children don’t lose an important school year. It is also important to keep children in touch with their books and curriculum so they don’t get too comfortable and lazy when schools reopen. In such situations, a laptop is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Laptops are generally affordable now but if things are too thrifty, due to the lockdown and economic conditions, Zest money offers Laptops on EMI for as little as 1,750 INR. Sign up now so your children are not lagged.

3) Portable:

When you have all the members of the family in one house, the fight for the TV remote is inevitable. Owning a laptop during this time will give you the liberty to watch your favorite movies and sitcoms anywhere in your house.

4) Video calls:

If you miss your family and friends but you have to maintain social distancing, you can always make video calls. Of course, this option is also available on your phone but isn’t it better to see them on a bigger screen with better resolution for a more life-like experience? We think so.

5) Learn new skills:

Some of us find lockdown extremely boring and depressing. If that rings a bell to you, it’s time to look up Laptops on EMI if you don’t own one because there are many prestigious universities in and outside India that provide several professional courses for free. If you’re not into professional courses, and you’re looking for something lighter, you can even find multiple courses and classes in hobbies like quilling, baking, calligraphy, painting, learning exciting musical instruments, etc.

Additional to these reasons, laptops are generally more energy-efficient, space-saving, durable along with being sleek and stylish. If we have convinced you into getting a laptop but you’re short on finances, head over to Zest Money for EMI on your favorite laptop without credit card at zero down payment and no cost EMI and bring it home today!