Radar and Technology Market 2024 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025

The emergence of modern warfare technologies is impacting heavily on the growth of market for radar and technology. The modern warfare technologies includes network centric warfare and electronic warfare. The electronic warfare uses directed energy and electromagnetic spectrum to control any attacks from enemies. Owing to this fact, the defense forces across the globe are heavily adopting the modern warfare technologies, which in turn is helping the radar and technology market to grow over the years. Moreover, the defense forces and homeland securities worldwide are procuring huge number of unmanned systems in order to strengthen their forces with modern technologies. The modern unmanned systems requires robust radar systems to perform the tasks, which is demanding the defense forces and homeland security to procure modern radar and technologies. This factor is also boosting the market for radar and technology to grow over the period.

The growth of market for radar and technology is inhibited by the fact that, the cost involved in development of radar and technology systems is high. Attributing to this fact, the defense forces in the emerging nation are limiting their procurement of radar and technology. The downsizing of procurement of radar and technology in the developing countries is hindering the growth of the market in future.

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The defense contractors along with various defense forces are developing robust autonomous systems, which requires miniaturized radars to operate and at low cost, in order to support the defense forces in the developing countries with robust radar technologies at low cost. The development of miniaturized radars to operate the autonomous systems is expected to bolster the market for radar and technology in the coming years.

The market for radar and technology is segmented on basis of component, platform, range, technology and geography. The different components of radar consist of antenna, transmitter and receiver. The antenna segment is sub segmented as rotating antennas, and fixed electronically steered antennas. The transmitter segment is further bifurcated as microwave tube based transmitters and solid state transmitters. The receiver segment is sub categorized as single processor receiver, mixed receiver, low noise amplifier, and display. The antennas are the most demanding segment in radar and technology segment due to the increased research and development in the field of defense radar antennas. The different defense platforms on which radar systems and technologies are installed are land, naval and air. The radars used in defense forces vary in range such as short range radars, medium range radars and long range radars.

The long range radars contributed the maximum market share in 2016 due to huge procurement of long range radars among the defense forces across the globe. The technology segment in the radar and technology market is bifurcated as continuous wave radar and pulsed radar. The pulse radar offers benefits of enhanced efficiency and accuracy of detecting objects and estimating its range. Owing to this fact, the defense forces are procuring the pulse radars in huge quantity in order to safeguard the respective country boundaries from enemy attacks. Geographically, the market for radar and technology is classified based on five strategic regions across the globe. These are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. The most significant region in the radar and technology market globally accounted for North America in 2016.

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The prominent companies operating in the field of radar and technology are categorized based on five strategic regions across the globe as Northrop Grumman Corporation (United States), Honeywell International (United States), Rockwell Collins (United States), Raytheon Company (United States), Saab AB (Sweden), Leonardo S.P.A. (Italy), Reutech Radar Systems (South Africa), BAE Systems (United Kingdom), Lockheed Martin Corporation (United States).

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