Questions to ask before choosing Office Cleaning Companies

When you are buying or appointing something; you first investigate it and then make a final decision. How do you inspect whether the thing you want to buy or an office cleaning company you are hiring is up to your expectations or not? The simple solution is to ask some questions related to them.

Questions to ask  office cleaning companies before choosing

Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. They provide different services with a diversified range of fees. They can use various qualities of products and also the sizes of the areas they clean can be distinct. So what to do when you want the cleaning company that provides everything that you are looking for? You can ask the following questions before you hire a company.

For how long the Company is in the business?

The foremost important question that you need to ask is about the number of years of experience the company is having. A newly established company will not have the tactics and skills to provide the best. But a company with an experience of at least 10 years will have the wisdom and understanding that is what every client wants.

Does the cleaning company conduct a complete background check?

All commercial cleaning companies must do a background check on all of the employees; for the management team to the cleaning staff. The employees must have no criminal record as no customer wants to hire a criminal to do even the cleaning of the commercial building. So ask the companies about the backgrounds of their employees.

Is the business insured and registered?

This is a crucial question because an insured company will be responsible to pay for any damages that are done during the time of the cleaning service. If the company is not insured then you can claim the damages, but only a registered one can be filed for. Ask the company to show the insurance and registration certificate if it is not displayed in the cleaning office.

What are the charges for the Services?

A good cleaning company like Jan Pro OKC will do everything to ensure that the clients don’t go away and remain always with the company. There are several ways to confirm that the client is always with them. One of the best ways to do so is to give them the best pricing. So ask for the price that is suitable for you.

Is the staff is trained to handle any situation?

There are many situations in which damages can be done, so the staff must have the essential training. The cleaning company sometimes uses several hazardous products for the areas that are difficult to clean. Make it a point to ask about whether the staff is well trained and skilled to handle serious situations or not.

Are the products of the company?

Many times the janitor companies only provide the services and equipment and not the cleaning products. They ask the clients to buy the products of their choice and deliver them to the cleaning staff. But there are many who bring their own products at the time of the cleaning. Make it a point that you inquire about this query.

Are the products checked for good quality?

If you want your commercial area to be hygienically cleaned; then you have to hire a company that uses excellent quality material and equipment for the job. Inquire about what ways the cleaning business use to check the quality of the products. The company will have certificates from various organizations that check the quality of the products used.

What are the types of services provided?

Every cleaning company has its styles and types of cleaning. Not one company is the same from the other; so it is important to ask about the different services that the company you want to hire is providing. Your commercial space will have special requirements so choose the one which will give you the desired results.

At what time the schedule work?

This question is critical because you don’t want anything to come in the way of your work and progress. Many companies provide their services in the evening or at night when no work is to be done and the building is empty. Weekly services; especially on the weekends is also an option for the clients.

In what ways the payments are received?

Many businesses dealing in different ways and receive payments through various sources. So the cleaning companies must have flexible payment options like; cash, checks, online payments and using credit and debit cards. Hire the company that has the most options for payment.

Is the company equipped with janitor software?

The use of janitor software indicates that the company shows interest in the clients. The software is a good way of managing the whole of the cleaning business by just one app. This will increase the efficiency of the staff and can provide high-quality service to the clients.

How can the clients contact afterward?

The office cleaning companies must have a facility that will make contact with the clients easier even after they have completed the services. It is important because at times businesses hire the same company if the services provided were the best.