Queens Next Up Massiahg Interview

Rapper MASSIAH is preparing to take this year over with his consistent work ethic. The native artist is from Queens, New York where he says is the most slept on city for the underground music scene. Massiahg is bringing a new wave to the table called “grudge rap” which he defines as unpolished raw & vintage mixes on records to give his cultivated fan base a genuine feeling closer to him on records. Over the years of releasing music he built up a support base of over 15,000 followers on SoundCloud & garnered over 75,000 views on YouTube. We had time to sit down with the musician Massiahg to understand his future vision.
Massiahg Interview

What does your rap name mean & where did you get it from?

My rap name without the g at the end Massiah represents a leader or savior of a particular group or cause.
The way I got my rapper alias was by using my last name Massiah, once I realized how powerful the name was.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years from now I see myself as a successful mogul, entrepreneur & musician. I plan to venture into different markets & outlets besides music, such as starting my own music label & being the next biggest A&R for unheard talent.

How is the music scene in your city?

It’s like being a crab in a bucket that everyone is trying to escape out of. There’s no unity just competition & envy, I plan to be the change of that not too many individuals is putting on for Southside Queens.

What does your brand SPOOF/555 mean?

SPOOF is a collective of producers, content creators & musicians exclusively invite only. SPOOF means to be blended in, such as a camouflage but not fully being discovered. 555 is an angel number that represents freedom, exploration, travel, and change.

Be sure to tap in with Massiahg and stream some of his current music below.

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