Pumpkin Powder Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2024–2030

Pumpkin flour is scattered on white paper near a ripe orange pumpkin. An alternative to pumpkin flour.

Global Pumpkin Powder Market: Overview

Pumpkin powder is obtained from pumpkin, which has been dried and grounded. It is a good source of organic fibers, vitamins, potassium, and other beneficial ingredients like proteins, carbohydrates, carotenes, pectin, magnesium, iron and many others that are needed for healthy functioning of the body. It is also known to have beneficial impact on digestive system. Other advantages include regulation of body fat and blood sugar. This is particularly quite useful for people with diabetes, since it stimulates insulin secretion and utilization. Additionally, it detoxifies blood and boosts immune system.

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Owing to all these nutritional benefits, it is a widely used as a natural health additive. The powder can be used in functional foods and beverages, which are witnessing massive increase in demand, as a food grade additive and enhancer. Additionally, it can also be used for advanced cosmetics as a special additive and as a pharmaceutical raw material.

The global pumpkin powder market is set to witness notable growth and significant improvement in market worth over the forecast period of 2024 to 2030. Additionally, the landscape is set to proffer new and attractive growth opportunities, notes Transparency Market Research.

Global Pumpkin Powder Market: Competitive Landscape

The global pumpkin powder market is competitive and the landscape for this product is fragmented. Players make use of a number of growth strategies. The organic and inorganic mix of these is quite interesting to note. A major goal of these measures is to increase claim on market share and improve production capacity. Few of the most prominent names of players that drive it forward are:

  • Arisun Chempharm Co., Ltd.
  • Cedenco Foods
  • Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
  • Linwoods
  • Woodland Foods
  • Yuensun Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
  • SpicesForLess

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Global Pumpkin Powder Market: Key Trends and Drivers

  • Global consumers are increasingly interested in living a wholesome lifestyle. This is a major factor leading to demand for healthful foods. Also, consumers have become more conscious about their organic and plant-based foods. Veganism, for instance is major propeller of growth in demand for such products



  • The millennial populace is immersed in fitness trends and often opts for products that improve well-being. This includes organic foods and healthful supplements. A holistic lifestyle also involves following a special diet and that is set to fuel demand for pumpkin powder. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that functional foods are in high demand. These use the product in good quantities, generating demand in the market. Growing demand for dietary supplements is also creating notable demand for the product. This is also true of pharmaceutical companies and personal care product manufacturers.

Global Pumpkin Powder Market: Regional Analysis

As of 2015, about 14% of the total fruits and vegetables sold in the US were organic. Indicated from the above statistical information is the fact that there is an increased awareness and demand among the American population about organic products. This spells good news for the regional pumpkin powder market as more people demand products that are good for their health and well-being. Hence, North America dominates and will continue to dominate the global pumpkin powder market over the forecast period of the upcoming market report, prepared by Transparency Market Research.

With regard to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the organic foods market here is projected to grow at a steady rate in the near future. This growth will be owed to a growing agriculture sector in the region coupled with robust domestic demand by an increasingly knowledgeable and affluent middle class population. Understandably, these factors will also drive the growth of the pumpkin powder market. a