Psychological Effects Of Mobile Games

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Isn’t it amazing! Who would’ve thought that in recent years people will be roaming with a fascinating piece of technology, which is Mobile Phones? These phones are just devices that are used for contacting other people. 


This device brings every possible virtual and technological service on your fingertips. It’s all about touch. Just a simple touch, and you can enjoy the incredible internet and networking services offered by your mobile phone. 


Do you ever imagine what is one of the main reasons why the mobile phone has garnered so much attention and usage? Why companies fight so hard to make them stand in this competition of offering best in class mobile phones. 


If we go through stats, one of the main reasons why people are now purchasing mobile phones is because of the gaming services provided by them.


But isn’t it critical to mention the consequences faced when we are aggressively involved in mobile games? Thus here we are. This article briefly discusses the various Psychological Effects of Mobile Games. 


Before getting into the real factors and effects, which are the results of playing mobile games, it is important to learn the reason why we get addicted to these games like coin master.


What Are The Reason For Getting Addicted To Video Games?


There is a very basic answer to this complicated question. We easily get addicted to mobile games because of its workings and designs. These are designed in such a way that many young minds get easily attracted to the features of the games. 


People keep coming back to these games even if they uninstall them for once. With enhancement and updated versions of the games, it becomes hard for the players and the gamers to give up on that respective game.


What Are The Symptoms Of Mobile Game Addiction?


Addiction is really dangerous! It becomes important for avid gamers to maintain their mental and physical health. Addiction to mobile games is like warning signs. And it is essential to give up on that particular game before it’s too late.


According to certain researches and studies, these symptoms can be both emotional and physical.


Physical Symptoms Of The Mobile Game Addiction


The following are some of the physical symptoms which can be noticed in a passionate gamer.


● Gamers can face fatigue and exertion while actively involved in a particular game.

● Poor and unsatisfactory personal 

● Migraines are also a common system of mobile game addiction.

● Due to the overuse of mobile games, gamers can face Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Emotional Symptoms Of The Mobile Game Addictions


The following are the emotional symptoms of mobile game addiction.


● Isolation is one of the major mobile games addiction symptoms

● The gamer tends to lie to his friend and family member, one he gets added to the mobile games.

● When the person is unable to play, he starts having unusual feelings of restlessness and irritability.

● The person can also slip into the condition of depression.


Psychological Effects Of Mobile Games


After the detailed briefing about the symptoms, it is now necessary to get into the explanation of the psychological effects of mobile games.


Depression And Mobile Game Addiction


Depression can be the most basic Psychological effect of mobile games. There can be some reasons why depression can be faced by a gamer. Unable to play the most favorite game, inability to clear a hard level, sudden prevention for the game can cause him to overthink his situation. The gamer can get depressed, and this causes adverse effects on his mental and physical health.


Social Anxiety And Mobile Game Addiction


Researches have stated that social anxiety can be associated with gamers and their mobile game addiction. Social anxiety is a situation wherein there is a state of discomfort, and tension is faced by a person in various social situations. 


Since then, many gamers are actively involved with their phones, and they tend to cut all the social connections. And when they are suddenly exposed to various social events, they are unable to react in accordance with the current situation.

Isolation And Mobile Game Addiction

With social anxiety, the gamer can also be trapped in the situation of isolation. Isolation is the condition in which the person separates himself from the rest of the social world. 


Since gamers are so engrossed with the mobile games that they prevent themselves from every possible social situation, and with these conditions, the players can face isolation.

Isolation can be really dangerous, and gamers should avail of help from the others in this challenging situation.



Considering gaming more critical and necessary than other basic necessities and daily activities can really cause some serious troubles to avid gamers. 

They should consider for all people help which can be beneficial to pull them out from this appalling situation of gaming adiction.No doubt that these games give you a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and enjoyment, but if the person gets highly involved with the mobile games, he can face several negative psychological effects. 

Thus it is highly recommended that one should take care of his health while getting engaged with addictive mobile games.