Health Benefits of Gardening

Scientifically proven life-saving health benefits of gardening

Have you ever wondered why something like gardening that requires lots of physical effort, patience and knowledge is used as passion and daily task by so many people? Through gardening, we try to create a peaceful scenario from our imagination using tiller, fertilizer, soil nutrient and all that we need. That’s all we know about gardening.

But in reality, gardening has an abundance of life saving-scientific benefits that doctors also recommend it.

A study of Harvard University shows that people living in such an environment bounded by rich greenish area lived longer. Moreover, they have a lower possibility of having cancer or any respiratory illness.

Stress-relief & Confidence:

Once a Dutch instructed two teams to accomplish some stressful task. Then, one of the two groups gardened for half an hour and the other team read indoors. The result was like team one was not only having a better mood after accomplishing gardening but also comparatively a lower level of cortisol.

If you are new to the term cortisol, let me explain you. It is a stress hormone that influences your mood as well as everything related to the immune system, obesity, memory & heart diseases.

Heart stroke risk:

Stockholm study states that gardening in a regular pattern executes the risk of stroke & heart attack up to 30% for aged people. Aged means the one over 60 years old.

Gardening for 30 minutes riches your bone with enough vitamin- D. The one with the lowest level of vitamin- D has risks of heart diseases at a double rate.

Too much time spending indoors is disastrous as well as the mind works as evildoers. So, break it up and engage yourself in this kind of little activities.


You can’t even think how dangerous this mysterious disease is. It is a brain disorder that results in destroying your memories, thinking skills and the ability to accomplish the easiest work. The cause is unknown and has no cure at all.

Dementia is those sets of symptoms that impact the memory negatively. Alzheimer is a particular kind of dementia and the most common one.

Once some research was done regarding the incidence of dementia of around 3000 aged people for 16 years.

The research says that daily gardening reduces the incidence of dementia by 36%. Another study updated the percentage of risk reduction to 47%!

Depression and mood elevator:

A statistic of WHO, 2017, shows that about 300 million people from all over the world would have the problem of depression. According to Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin there are major chance to be injured due to depression. Suicide is the last stage of depression. Gardening can elevate your mood and fill it with joy.

Gardening causes balance on your mental appearance, and practically you learn how to control situation patiently, how to hope, and how to learn from failure.

As all of the above factors you practice again and again to bloom a flower. Gardening ultimately trains you to learn and apply in real life.

Healing with the “friend in the dust”:

We know that the sun provides us with vitamin- D along with a strong immune system to fight with cold and cough. That so common. But the interesting part is, the dirt under your nail that you got at the type of planting!

Have you ever thought that they can also work in your favour! Mycobacterium vaccae- the beneficial soil bacteria can mollify the symptoms of asthma, allergies as well as psoriasis.

At the bottom:

The advantages of gardening aren’t limited to points that the article, “Health benefits of gardening” states. Other than the above merits, gardening does a lot more. Like- reducing the calorie level, strengthening the hand, lowering the blood pressure level etc.

So, it is suggested to do gardening for at least 30 minutes a day. It is indeed a blessing for life!