Proper Care For Sports Injuries

You have most likely arrived here due to an athletic injury that is limiting you both on the playing field and in your personal life. These types of injuries are grievances that if left untreated, they can become extremely painful in record time. If you are thinking of just putting something like icy hot on the affected area, think again! That’s right, there is a better option and it’s called chiropractic care. If you live in the coral springs area, stay tuned for an informational account on how chiropractic techniques can improve sports injuries in coral springs.

Injuries are a given: Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply enjoy staying active in sports, you’ll know that athletic injuries can occur at a given moment while performing in any type of sport. They can happen within the act of performance, or instead be prolonged over time until it becomes a chronic injury.

Types of injuries

  • Experts tend to agree that most injuries that are caused by athletic activity, target the areas of the neck and lower back. Athletes who compete in running distances are susceptible to suffering muscle strains in their legs, or lower back due to their consistent repetitive movements. Individuals who lift weights can sprain their back, or hurt their wrists when using excessive force.
  • Swimmers tend to hyperextend their back muscles because of the strokes when competing. These movements are generally called crawls or backstrokes. Gymnasts and golfers tend to injure their arms, whether it be compressed nerves or muscle strains from the amount of force exerted during action. When it comes to more popular sports such as soccer, basketball, or football, these athletes are prone to receive even more serious injuries to the spine, bones, and head.

Chiropractic Care:  When choosing to see a chiropractor in hopes of seeking a solution to your injury, the chiropractor will begin by carefully examining the area of discomfort. This exam will consist in a structural survey of your posture, spine, and balance. It will be followed by a careful inspection of ligaments, joints, and extremities to identify range of mobility. Once finished, your chiropractor will be able to decide what type of treatment can better help you.

Usually, the two most used techniques by chiropractors are spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization. The former involves your doctor placing you in different positions in order to perform manual impulses to the affected area or joint. By doing so, the chiropractor will hope to release built up pressure in the joints, or realign muscles that have been strained to excessive activity. The latter, is a more gentle tactic since it involves simple stretches and relaxing massages accompanied with medical tools, looking to alleviate tension in muscles or joints.

Prevention: Chiropractors not only treat these injuries to facilitate recovery, but they also work to prevent future injuries. Chiropractors can regularly check your spine, and routine manipulations to lessen your proneness to back injury. The same logic applies to muscles that are likely to be strained or teared.

You will be pleased to also know that there are chiropractors that specialize in sports medicine to further treat and prevent any future injuries. They dedicate their profession to ultimately ensure that athletes can reach their maximum potential injury free. Now that you’re more aware about the benefits of chiropractic care involving sports injuries, we hope that you’ll make the right choice in seeking the help you need as soon as possible.