Postidal moves its headquarters to New Haven, CT.


The new Alibaba, is moving its headquarters from NYC to New Haven, CT. Postidal, a tech company that specializes in retail and artificial technology, will open its first robotic bodegas in New York City, by the fourth quarter this year (2023). Postidal first R&D lab dedicated to software and hardware development for these so-called “Robotic Bodegas” officially opened March 10 in New Haven, home to Yale University.

Marvin Amparo Santana, CEO of Postidal, created the first tech corporation in the United States to supply cashier-free convenience stores and robotic bodegas. These bodegas will be able to charge customers by using a customer face recognition software created by Postidal rather than cash. How cool is that?

This process would save them from the hassle of providing their bank of credit card details while making purchases. The biggest drawback of this was that the bank or card credentials would sometimes not work due to technical errors in the working percentage

Facial recognition would solve this problem once and for all. The credentials of the customer would be saved under their facial identity and would already be validated as soon as they go through the facial recognition process again.

This feature is a step forward towards futuristic technologies and would be a milestone in the world of AI. Besides, this feature would also help eliminate hundreds of scamming techniques that are used by hackers, cyber criminals, or thieves if we are talking about physical shopping.

No one would be able to steal your money from you even if they have your banking details or even your credit card. As long as your facial recognition is missing, no one can purchase anything on your behalf.

Moreover, it would further eliminate the need of carrying cash or cards to the store as you would already have money in your account made with Postidal, just get you face scanned, and boom! Payment made.

Plus, it would make the entire process much faster than it would have been if a human cashier was responsible for billing.

As a geek, I can’t wait for Postidal to take me to the future of convenience stores. When I walk to one of Postidal’s cashier-free convenience stores, I want to feel as if I am in the next century, and I if I don’t, then, you and I might have a problem, Postidal. Because my expectations are high. Very high.