Pool Maintenance Guide: 5 Tips To Keep Your Home Pool Clean

Developing an extravagant swimming pool in the house can turn out to be delightful during those heated summer months. However, you need to manage your swimming pool on a frequent basis. You might think about just relying on a pool  maintenance and cleaning company to take care of your swimming pool, but you’ll need to manage it on your own to ensure your pool stays perfect for a longer time. Here are some guidelines on how you can maintain your swimming pool:

  1. Skimming and cleaning out Carriers:

Skimmers are usually the openings on the edges of underground swimming pools. They usually allow water to flow from the pool’s surface, where most contaminations are. Furthermore, they assemble all of the dirt before it gets stacked up. Its a must have element to install in home pool to keep it ready to use.

2.Vacuum and Rake:

You can use a rake or a net to scoop out unwanted matter such as debris, branches, and dust particles. You should invest in a net that is durable, lightweight, and wide enough to cover your whole swimming pool. This makes it more accessible and laid-back to reach all the parts of your pool. Moreover, using a pool vacuum can eliminate mud and other remains that have plunged to the lowermost portion of the pool.

3.Cleaning out the filter:

Cleaning out the filter is very essential because having a muddy strainer can impact your pool’s flow of water, which might lead to a pool filled with dirt and algae, even if the level of the water is perfectly fine. When the water is passing through the filter, numerous minuscule particles get stacked to the filter and start building up. 

4.Sustaining the water level:

Maintaining the PH level in the water is crucial. It can vary from zero to fourteen, where seven is neutral, and below this number, the water is acidic. The standard level of your pool water should be fluctuating from five to seven.


Scrubbing the pool helps in getting rid of particles, you should rub down your pool’s walls that are sticking to the glass. Scrubbing should be done on a routine basis, and before vacuuming the pool. Moreover, after this process, the elements will fall to the bottom to be vacuumed later. 

All In All

Your maintenance routine can have significant impact on your home pool. Following these few steps can make your pool look appealing, energizing, and organized for everyday usage.