Poly bagger machines are widely used in the packaging industry for the efficient filling and sealing of polybags. The rolls of polybags are inserted into the poly bagger machine, the machine then feeds the bags into the sealing or loading position and makes them ready for the product by blowing it open with pressurised air. It is then sealed with heat and this is the stereotypical workflow of these machines. With technological innovations, different customization is offered by the manufacturers as per the customer demand. The increasing demand in various consumer products industries across the globe is forcing manufacturers to increase their production capacities and packaging productivity.

Many companies are preferring poly bagger machines owing to its benefits like cost-efficiency as less wastage is generated and more product is packed with significantly lower man-hours. Productivity can be increased with automation and a variety of steps can be performed without manual interference, decreasing human errors in the packaging process. With all the added benefits poly bagger machines can prove to be very profitable to businesses.

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Poly Bagger Machines Market: Dynamics

The consistently growing e-commerce industry is one of the few industries creating the highest demand for poly bagger machines. The sheer volume of products that need to be shipped to the consumers requires efficient and fast bagging systems. The poly bagger machines are used by key e-commerce players to maximize their product dispatch rate to fulfil the consumer demand in the least possible time. The growth of the e-commerce industry globally is fuelling the demand for the automatic poly bagger machines market.

The end-users of different sectors like beauty and cosmetics prefer to try different products before buying a product. Industry leaders of beauty and cosmetics are introducing samples in the sachets or small poly bags to attract consumers to their product. The poly bagger machines compliant with industry 4.0 can be integrated with the existing production lines, making it easier for the manufacturers to achieve higher productivity. The human errors in the packaging of products manually are significantly reduced by the machines as they provide higher accuracy in weighing and dispensing the exact amount of product in the bags which in the long run is a major benefit for the manufacturers.

As per the World Economic Forum, 170 nations have pledged to significantly reduce the use of plastics by 2030. Following the pledge, many players are concerned about the use of plastic for the packaging of their products which may prove to be a slight restraint for the growth poly bagger machines market.

As a result of COVID-19, manufacturers of different industries are adopting cost-saving measures to cope with the repercussion of the pandemic on their revenue. The demand for fully automatic and semi-automatic poly bagger machines is temporarily severed due to this factor. As a result of ongoing ease on previously imposed restrictions in many regions across the globe, the consumption of consumer products is increasing resulting in boosting the demand for poly bagger machines among manufacturers.

Poly Bagger Machines Market: Segmentation

The poly bagger machines market can be segmented by automation, bagging speed, inclination and end use.

By Automation, the poly bagger machines market can be segmented as

  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Manual

By Bagging Speed, the poly bagger machines market can be segmented as

  • Less than 30 bags per minute
  • 30-70 bags per minute
  • More than 70 bags per minute

By Inclination, the poly bagger machines market can be segmented as

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

By End Use, the poly bagger machines market can be segmented as

  • Food
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electricals and Electronics
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Others

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Poly Bagger Machines Market: Regional Outlook

Currently, North America and Europe are leading in terms of market share in the poly bagger packaging market as a result of high consumer demand for cosmetics and consumer goods. The growth of the Asia Pacific countries concerning per capita income and consumption is resulting in heightened consumer goods demand in the region.

Many manufacturers in the region are shifting from traditional packaging techniques towards using poly bagger machines to increase their production capacities and efficiency. The players in the poly bagger machines market in the Asia Pacific region are offering customized packaging solution to the manufacturers in an attempt to enhance their business.

Poly Bagger Machines Market: Key Players

Key players in the poly bagger machines market are,

  • Advanced Poly Packaging, Inc.
  • Pregis LLC.
  • Bravu Pty Ltd
  • WeighPack Systems Inc.
  • Alligator Automations
  • Sealed Air Corporation
  • Stream Peak International Pte. Ltd.
  • Concetti Spa
  • Automated Packaging systems
  • Poly Bag Supplies & Equipment
  • IPS Packaging & Automation
  • PAC Machinery
  • Sharp Packaging Systems

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