Paperless Recorders Market: Growth Opportunities and forecast 2017 – 2025

Paperless Recorders market is growing at a significant rate and is expected to grow further in the forecast period. The market is driven by software standards, paperless recorders, and adoption of Ethernet. There is a high demand for data loggers in the market which is increasing the market share of paperless recorders. Data Acquisition is a technique of acquiring and analyzing data which include electrical measurements like temperature, voltage, pressure, current, etc. and paperless recorders are used to do this task in a simple and efficient way.

Paperless recorders are the devices which are used to acquire data of temperature, pressure, or any other factor which is changing. Unlike chart recorders, they do not require any papers which save both money and environment. The software is installed in this device which is used to generate data in the form of charts and graphs, and this data can be sent to any system where analysts can monitor the changes and take the necessary actions.

Market Overview:

Paperless recorders have lot of applications in the end user industries like pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, semiconductor, metal processing, etc. The best feature of paperless recorders is its color display which support 3 to 48 inputs and becomes ideal for use by operators, engineers, and other analysts.  The data acquired is made available with the help of software which provide data to the managers. Paperless recorders use digital technology to convert data into chart or graphs and are feasible as they do not waste paper. Paperless recorders market is expected to grow at a high CAGR in future because of its high efficiency and versatility in the industry.

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Market Dynamics:

Paperless recorders provide data in a speedy and more efficient way, unlike the chart recorders which required ink and paper to get the graphs and charts. This is the driving force for paperless recorders market. Paperless recorders provide reliable monitoring and recording measurements which are important in the industries. Their precise data provides various benefits along with the process savings and documentation. With the help of the software, it can be easily accessed from anywhere which makes it simpler for the managers and engineers to determine fault and helps them to make good decisions.

However, paperless recorders market face certain restraints, as it require skilled labors because of the advance technology used in these devices.  Apart from the labors, the cost required for installing these devices is very high which cannot be afforded by small and medium enterprises. Growing demand for data acquisition has created a lot of opportunities for the paperless recorders, because of the growing automation and ability to make good decisions. There is also a rising demand for data loggers and sensors in the market. The paperless recorders manufacturers are planning to move into the niche markets and are expected to grow in the forecast period.