5 Online Platforms for Software Developer Jobs in 2021


Given the current circumstances, where all the world has literally gone online. From schools to offices, everything is taking place on zoom, it has become very hard to find good software engineers/developers, or for that matter, anyone related to IT. and this is because of the high increase in the demand.

All the good ones, according to the companies, are already hired. But then it’s not only for the companies. It is also for the software developers looking for obs too. When someone new starts looking for a job, they struggle with finding an excellent company to work with or even find a legit company online as there are many scams going on too.

You can never be too sure about anything online just like that. That risk factor is always going to be involved when it comes to trusting someone that you don’t even know if it is legitimate or not.

To make it easier for both the companies hiring and the software developers who are looking for jobs, we have a list of 5 online platforms for software developer jobs in 2021.

1. Toptal

Toptal provides companies and startups with the top talent, particularly in the software engineering industry in the world.

They claim to give you access to the top 3% of freelance developers around the world. They do this by screening all applicants before they enter their freelancing talent pool.

Therefore, if you are a software developer/engineer looking for a platform where you can find a job, sign yourself up on Toptal and get registered after passing a small test. Toptal selects applicants through a screening process.

This screening interaction incorporates a language and character test, planned calculation testing, specialized screening with different architects and engineers on Toptal.

2. Hired

Hired is a platform that connects developers with companies. Over time it has expanded the categories to product management, data science, product marketing, and more.

Hired helps both the candidates and companies by putting them in touch with each other. They also help vet the candidates to a small extent. This allows the developers to work on high-level projects in environments that improve their competencies. Also, they are only contacted for jobs that are deemed suitable for them according to their skillset.

3. X-Team

X-Team is a freelancer matching company that works by connecting software developers with employers.

X-team has many similarities with hired in the sense that they also listen to client’s requirements and then match the best developer according to the needs and skills needed.

The thing that distinguishes X-Team from other platforms is that they entertain companies looking for developing teams rather than a single person.

For example, let’s say a client comes to them looking for a team that can build cloud software applications. They will shape a group with a front-end engineer, a Java designer, a node.js master, a Linux or Azure engineer, and a lifecycle director for programming programs. Along these lines, the best way to work for that customer is to be important for that group.

So if you are a developer looking for a job and also work well in teams, try X-Team.

4. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a platform that hosts development, design, and creative talent.

Authentic jobs are growing at a high speed. They are among the few platforms that cater specifically to dev and design professionals that are growing so fast.

Their site functions as a simple job board. This makes it very user-friendly and makes it super easy to post a job or to find one.

The best thing about authentic jobs is that they focus on the development and design side of tech, which results in a lot of dev job opportunities.

Let it be developing Android web applications or having a lot of experience with control systems, and you always have something on your hands. There are never-ending opportunities at hand.

Whether you develop Android web applications or have extensive experience with control systems, you’re rarely out of opportunities.

Furthermore, Authentic Jobs has a lot of opportunities when it comes to remote jobs as well.

5. Upwork

Upwork is one of the greatest online commercial centers for freelancers. While it has dozens of categories and subcategories, it mainly consists of tech professionals.

The best thing about Upwork is that it is very user-friendly.

Applicants are required to submit some of their work samples and some personal details like the name etc. When signing up.

If qualified enough, which is judged on the basis of samples and experience you provide, applicants are eligible to make an account and showcase their skills and professional performances scores

As a product designer, you can discover openings for web engineers, versatile application engineers, senior computer programmers, backend engineers, javascript specialists, and then some.

Another tremendous and risk-free feature is the trouble of a scam-free payment method, which provides a sense of trust to the applicants.

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