Online career counselling demand is increased in India in recent times

Amidst this covid-19 situation and the economy going haywire, a career counselling platform which functions online is like a blessing in disguise.

As we all know the current situation due to coronavirus. People are stuck in their house worried about their careers and future. Students are confused as their whole career lies in front of them. Professionals are looking for a job change.

Booking appointment portal by edumilestones lets you book appointment with the nearest career counsellor around you. Utilising the booking appointment portal which is completely online can help you get rid of career uncertainty.

“In this situation, we have noticed that the demand of online career counselling has increased multiple folds. There are more students who prefer online face to face career counselling. Edumilestones has emerged as a leading player for online career guidance. It is the largest ecosystem of career counsellors in India.”, says Ankit Agrawal, Co-Founder & Product Director at Edumilestones

“Anyone can book appointment with the trained career counsellor and get a complete career roadmap.”, says Vipin Prasanth, CEO of Edumilestones.

Booking appointment is now very well recognised for it’s contribution to the development of individuals’ career.

Edumilestones is having a network of 2400+ career counsellors all over India. Students can directly connect with these career counsellors online and get expert online career guidance near their location.

In just last 6 months more than 20,000+ students and professionals are connected with the nearest career counsellors and availed online career guidance at most affordable price.

Because of Covid situation most of the students are at home and this is the right time to align their career.

Edumilestones is the leading online career counselling platform in India. It has the largest ecosystem of career counsellors where students can visit edumilestones website and get access to 2400+ career counsellors across 40+ locations in India. In year 2024, edumilestones has crossed a mark of 3 lacs online career counselling.

Edumilestones vision is to provide best online career guidance to those who need it most at ground at most affordable prices. Online career guidance is not just limited to find out the most suitable career option but to provide a detailed execution plan. It includes career path selection, course selection, colleges selections, exam details and many more.

Every student receives a 32-page comprehensive career report followed by a detailed one on one career counselling session. Edumilestones is also the highest rated online career guidance platform in India.