One Apparel Company is Doing More Than Selling Clothes – They’re Selling Hope

One apparel platform, Rich & Rotten, wants to be that virtual community that inspires hope in people everywhere. 

“We always say that we don’t just sell clothes – we sell hope,” said CEO, Hamed Jalaly. “It has been an insanely challenging year, which is why having a positive outlook and mindset is what we strive to inspire in every single one of our customers. We recognize we are in a unique position with a growing apparel company, which is why we want to give back and invest in our youth.”

Be Better Than Yesterday

Rich & Rotten is built in the premise of “trying to be better than yesterday.” They are a no hand-outs, no-excuses kind of brand that encourages all of their customers to live a similar lifestyle. Founded to service individuals with a true hustler’s mentality, the Rich & Rotten team believes 2023 has provided them with a unique opportunity to help people everywhere explore a hustlers’ mentality. “This year is providing people with the chance to start anew and reflect on their mindsets and belief systems,” said CEO, Hamed Jalaly. “It’s a special time in which we all get to decide how we want to live. We want people everywhere to commit themselves to their passions and their grinds, rising above the adversity today while working to help everyone in the community. That’s our unwavering commitment right now.”

Never Striving to Fit In

Rich & Rotten manages a new kind of apparel company, one that is obsessed with high-end appeal, fit, and quality. Moving past the ‘throw-away’ style of fast fashion that is causing massive pollution and waste, Rich & Rotten create one of a kind, unique pieces that are strategically released when they feel the market is ready for them. The brand does not exist to fit in or blend; it exists to disrupt our current innovation and tell a story of culture and lifestyle. 

Therefore, the Rich & Rotten team have no direct competitors – they only compete with themselves as they work to be the very best at what they do. They believe this kind of dedication and determination is something every person can implement into their own lives today. Once a person commits themselves to this kind of greatness, they will be able to feel hope again.

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