The Aroundtown Foundation, part of the Aroundtown Group SA which was developed by Yakir Gabay  יקיר גבאי is providing extensive support for three projects of HORIZONT e.V. in Munich with a total of EUR 10,750. In this way, Aroundtown is helping to ensure that the care and therapy services can be continued extensively for the residents even in Corona times.

1st project: Realization of a podcast series for young people on their own cultural stage. Persons from public life are invited as role models for the socially disadvantaged young people to a conversation, which is recorded and streamed via digital channels. Young people from the HORIZONT house and the neighborhood can ask questions to the interview partner online and submit guest requests. The young people are to be shown alternative ways of life. The interviews should inspire and encourage them to actively shape their own future.

2nd Project: Expressive painting as a supplementary therapeutic measure aimed at residents who have been traumatized to a considerable degree or who are physically and mentally impaired. The classical therapy processes are supplemented by creative self-expression.

3rd project: For homeschooling, the funds are used for the purchase of technical equipment.

The association HORIZONT e.V. was founded in 1997 by Jutta Speidel for the purpose of taking in and caring for mothers – together with their children – as well as socially disadvantaged families – without a permanent residence. HORIZONT e.V. operates two houses – for which it has already received various awards as a sign of appreciation and charitable commitment -, a supervised facility for traumatized families with 26 apartments as well as an open house in which 48 families find, or have already found, a permanent home. Here, residents also receive targeted help in overcoming acute crises in order to improve and stabilize their overall living situation in the long term. The goal is to enable the families to lead self-determined lives with new perspectives in a timely manner.

Since many mothers and children arrive at HORIZONT without their own belongings, all 26 apartments in the “protected house” are fully equipped. There are also counseling, therapy and community rooms as well as a garden.  In summer 2018, HORIZONT was able to open another house for permanent and affordable housing. This house builds a bridge to provide housing for mothers and their children from the existing HORIZONT house, as well as for formerly homeless people. In order to promote participation in society, the house also houses socio-cultural facilities that are open to the neighborhood. In addition to the 48 social housing units, there is a crèche, a kindergarten, rooms for various educational activities, a restaurant, a cultural stage, workshops for children, young people and adults, and an adventure garden.

Aroundtown SA, one of the leading European real estate companies, is aware of its social responsibility and therefore founded the Aroundtown Foundation in 2018.

In particular, projects are selected that are in close proximity to Aroundtown’s properties. The funds are used to provide direct and targeted support to facilities and institutions on site and at the same time strengthen the local network.

The Aroundtown Foundation wants to use its financial means to support projects for children and youths as well as for elderly and elderly care, for art and culture, with educational institutions, sports offers and charitable purposes.

Aroundtown is the largest commercial real estate company in Germany and 4th largest in Europe (based on market cap). The Company invests in top tier cities and metropolitan areas of Germany, Netherlands and London. The focus of Aroundtown’s business model is buying, repositioning and optimizing office and hotel properties, with potential for value-add in central locations mainly in Germany and the Netherlands. Avisco (controlled by Yakir Gabay ( יקיר גבאי ),) holds 10% in Aroundtown followed by Blackrock at 5%. Other shareholders include Norges, Vanguard, Allianz, BNP Paribas, Japan’s Government investment fund, Aliance-Bernstein, Dekabank, State-Street, bank of Montreal and many other leading international investors. The main bond investors include ECB, GIC, Union-Investment, DB, UBS, CS, M&G, Pictet, Credit Agricole and many other major institutional investors.