Off Page SEO Technique – Things You Should Know

Off page SEO technique is one of the major parts of SEO strategy. If you can follow the proper technique or strategy for off page SEO, getting ranking of your keywords become easier. 

In this article I will show you how different types of off page SEO techniques work for the different types of business.

Let’s jump into the deep.

As an SEO expert, my opinion about the off page SEO technique is, it is nothing but building traffic funnels. All the traffic funnels can’t give you the good result for all types of business. 

Let’s see the techniques of building traffic funnels and the conversion of sales.

  • Guest blogging
  • Commenting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Content marketing
  • Directory submission
  • Forum posting
  • Question answering 
  • Email marketing

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the best technique of building traffic funnels. In this technique you have to find out a good website in the same niche that has a lot of traffic, low spam score, and high domain authority. Now contact them through email, tell about your interest and how you can contribute to their website. Give them some topics, so that, they can chose a topic from your list. If they like your topic, they will reply your email. After getting the reply mail, start writing on the given topic. Write a unique, informative and quality article. Send the article with your link, that you want to promote. 

There is another technique of guest blogging. It is called sponsored article. In this technique, you have to pay some money for publishing your article to another website. This type of website publishes guest articles for a fixed time period with a sponsored tag.

You have to do guest blogging with the same niche that matches with your website.

Comment Backlinks

Almost all the blogs accept visitors’ comments. Some of them accept without review and some of them with review. You can do comment with your link in the comment section of the article. In this strategy you should comment in the same niche that matches with your article. Comment backlinks can also provide you referral traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking

Social platforms are the most traffic engaging platforms on this planet. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc are the big names of social platforms. You can post your thoughts with the link to these social platforms. When you post a link in the social platforms, the links become bookmarked. You will get traffic continuously until you remove the link from these platforms.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way of getting traffic to your website. You can get the highest rate of sales conversation from content marketing. You can make various type of content like video, audio, image, animation, infographics, and written story. 

The content should describe how the products or services can meet your requirement and how it can help you.


Say, your doctor has advised you to do jogging for 1 hour everyday for reducing fat. You started jogging using “X” brand shoe and after half an hour you feel pain in your feet. After 1 or 2 days you brought a new brand “A” of shoe. After using “A” brand shoe, you can easily do jogging for 1 hour without any pain or discomfort. 

You can use the above example for content marketing. When traffic will see this content, read this content or heard this content, they will buy the “A” brand shoe.

Directory Submission

Directory is another good place for getting referral traffic. You can add your business website, e-commerce website or blog website to the directories. Some directories are free and some are paid. You should add your website to those directories that have good authority, low spam score and good traffic. 

You can find many directories that have low traffic, high spam score and low authority. This type of directory can be harmful for your website.

Forum Posting

Forum is a place where people talk about many issues. You can also join there. Which subject matches with your niche, you should join to that discussion and insert your link when you give your opinion in the discussion. If you can join a good forum, you can get much referral traffic to your website.

Question Answering

It is very popular technique for getting traffic to your website. There are many popular question answering platforms where people ask questions whatever they want to know and those who know the answer; they give answers with their referral link. If your answer is good, traffic will visit your website through the link you inserted.

Email Marketing

Most of the websites use subscribers form for getting emails of the traffic. When anyone subscribes the form, he gets notification about any updates of the website through email. If he feels interest about that update, he clicks on the link and visit the website. In this way websites are getting a lot of visitors as well as sales conversion.

End Words

If you follow the above steps of link building techniques, you don’t have to face traffic crisis. But always remember that you should build the link into the same niche. Otherwise, you will not get a good result.