Nylon ABS Alloys Market- Statistics, Trends and Regional Outlook, 2018-2026

Global Nylon ABS Alloys Market: Overview

Nylon ABS alloys are the new generation of modified alloys that are produced through the injection moldings process. These alloys comprise a blend of nylon and ABS, in which nylon 6 resin is present as a continuous matrix phase coupled with ABS as a modifier. The blend of nylon and ABS makes the alloys highly amorphous and crystalline, which further makes them suitable for various applications such as consumer products, automotive interiors, appliance housing, furniture, toys, and sporting goods. Initial attempts to form nylon ABS alloys met with limited success. However, rise in research activities to increase compatibility between amorphous ABS and semi-crystalline nylon by using high-performance compatibilizer has raised demand for nylon ABS in the recent past. For instance, BASEF SE launched Terblend nylon 6/ABS alloys in the market in Europe. The alloys have gained popularity in various applications such as auto-interior parts, safety glasses, 3-D printing filament, shrouds and handles for components of lawn and garden equipment, power tools, and soap dispensers. These alloys provide various advantages compared to counterparts such as relatively low density, high spiral flow, and superior acoustic performance.

Global Nylon ABS Alloys Market: Key Segments

Based on grade, the global nylon ABS alloy market can be classified into KC 216, KC 246, and KC216V15. KC 216 is the unmodified form of nylon ABS alloy with properties such as easy flow and short cycling time. KC 246 and KC216V15 are mineral-reinforced grades that provide extended stiffness, strength, and dimensional stability. In terms of end-user, the global nylon ABS alloy market can be categorized into automotive, electrical & electronic, consumer goods, and construction. Increasing automotive production across globe, technological advancements in resins, and rise in demand for high-durability and temperature resistant material from the electrical & electronic industry are expected to boost the demand for nylon ABS alloys market during the forecast period.

Rise in demand for quality alloys with superior characteristic properties of nylon such as high heat, chemical, and mechanical resistance and properties of ABS such as superior colorabiity, low matt finish, etc. from the automotive industry is driving the nylon ABS alloys market. In addition, other features such as excellent processability, superior fatigue performance, and excellent abrasion characteristic are boosting the nylon ABS alloys market. Compatibility issues between nylon and ABS is a major drawback that may restrain the market during the forecast period. However, rise in research and development activities in order to discover a new compatibilizer that is compatible with nylon as well as ABS is expected to boost the market. For instance, in 2016, INEOS Styrolution, a leading manufacturer of nylon ABS alloys, introduced glass-reinforced ABS/nylon alloy for premium agricultural utility vehicle manufacturers. The alloy offers a high-quality surface with matte appearance, enhanced dimensional stability, rigidity and high flowability, and very low moisture absorbance.

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In terms of region, the nylon ABS alloys market can be segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is a leading consumer of nylon ABS alloys, followed by Europe. Demand for nylon ABS alloys market in the U.S. is expected to rise significantly during the forecast period, primarily due to rise in emphasis on metal replacement in various industries such as construction, automotive, and electrical & electronics. In addition, technological advancements such as 3 D printing filament are likely to provide lucrative opportunities to manufacturers operating in the U.S. Demand for nylon ABS alloys market in Europe is expected to be driven by increase in demand from automotive applications. In Asia Pacific, the nylon ABS alloys market in China, India, Japan, and South Korea is expected to expand at a significant rate during the forecast period. This is attributed to expansion in the automotive industry and increase in FDI in the electrical & electronic industry across China, India, and ASEAN countries. Latin America and Middle East & Africa are emerging regions of the market, and expansion of the nylon ABS alloys market in these regions is likely to be slow compared to mature regions. This is primarily due to low product awareness and heavy reliance on raw material imports in these regions.

Global Nylon ABS Alloys Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global nylon ABS alloys market are INEOS Styrolution, Next Polymers Ltd, Toray Industries, Inc., and Formulated Polymers Limited.

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