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Load Bank Resistor Market: Introduction

  • Load bank resistors are devices which contain resistive, inductive, and/or capacitive loads. These devices apply the load to an electrical power source and dissipate the power of the electrical source.
  • Unlike on-site loads, which are randomly variable in terms of many electrical parameters, load banks provide predetermined and controllable load that uses its energy output to test, support, or protect the power source.
  • These powerful heating elements form a network of resistors absorbing load from a generator, battery, or other power sources.

Rise in Demand for Load Bank Resistors in Oil & Gas Industry

  • Increase in demand for load test activities for generator sets are attracting end-users, owing to a surge in demand for load bank resistors globally.
  • Several load bank manufacturers have designed and introduced hand portable load banks due to rising investments, which have attracted a significant number of end-users.
  • A fair percentage of end-users prefer renting these load banks; demand for hand-portable load banks is rising. Several other wheeled load banks are also available in the load bank resistor market, which are also gaining prominence, thereby, augmenting the growth of the load bank resistor market.

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  • Oil & gas is a prominent industry in the load bank resistor market. Oil & gas companies deploy generator sets to ensure continuous supply of electrical power to their offshore and onshore facilities.
  • Rise in adoption of load banks is directly proportional to the procurement of load bank resistors from a manufacturing point of view, and this factor is a crucial driver of the global load bank resistor market.

Asia Pacific to Lead the Global Load Bank Resistor Market

  • In terms of region, the global load bank resistor market can be divided into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and South America.
  • Geographically, Asia Pacific holds the dominant share in the load bank resistor market, owing to rapid technological developments, and numerous investments in Asia Pacific countries.
  • Several countries in the Asia Pacific region face natural calamities that demand emergency power systems. Load banks are among the prominent solutions to assess the emergency power supplies deployed in such critical situations. Portable load banks are the most preferred solution owing to the advantage of their flexibility.
  • North America holds the second highest market share in the load bank resistor market. The primary reason for the growth of the market is because the United States government spends significant amounts on its electricity departments to continuously provide the US population with the required electricity.

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