Nail Care Market is set to expand at a CAGR of 8.4%

Nail care involves maintaining toenails and fingernails, which is in high demand for cosmetic and health purposes. Good nail care helps avoid fungal infection in the nails, the skin in the feet and hands, and painful ingrowth of toenails and fingernails. Nail care is highly important for people suffering from diabetes, since infections of the feet in specific can lead to health issues. Nail treatments or procedures such as manicure and pedicure help keep the nails healthy and beautiful. Furthermore, to beautify the nail consumer demanding verity of nail color to apply as the manufacturer are offering several type of nail color such as liquid nail color, gel nail color, base coat and top coat nail color, etc. The nail color segment dominates the global nail care market, owing to the nail-centric fashion culture, which has transformed women’s nails into stylish accessories; therefore, a growing population of women frequently use nail colors. Furthermore, nail colors are available in a wide variety of colors and types, such as metallic, shimmer, and neon. These factors are expected to drive the nail care market during the forecast period. Additionally, women are currently, focusing more on their personality and appearance by spending on grooming products. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, have further enhanced the emphasis on beauty and fashion among women. Moreover, a majority of women try manicure with nail art service to make a fashion statement. This, in turn, is projected to boost the demand for nail treatment, such as manicure and pedicure, during the forecast period. The global nail care market is projected to reach a value of US$ 20,940.2 Mn by 2027, expanding at an average growth rate of 8.4% during the forecast period.

The global nail care market is estimated to gain promising growth over the forecast period of 2019-2027. The overwhelming demand for manicures and pedicures for nail maintenance may bring extensive growth for the nail care market during the assessment period.

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  • The nail spa industry is growing at a rapid rate across many regions. Hence, this aspect may serve as a prominent growth contributor for the nail care market. Nail care is not limited to just women. People with diabetes are prone to fungal infections. Thus, they give great attention to their nail care routine. Thus, this factor influences the growth rate of the nail care market.
  • The growing awareness about nail hygiene among a considerable populace will help in bringing immense growth prospects for the nail care market. The novel coronavirus pandemic has led many individuals to prioritize hygiene. Thus, this factor may invite growth.
  • The use of natural ingredients such as almond, milk, turmeric, and others as a substitute to chemical ingredients to reduce the side effects may increase the growth rate of the nail care market to a great extent.
  • Popular trends revolving around nail colors among a considerable women populace may attract growth for the nail care market. Frequent use of nail colors by women according to the changing trends may serve as a significant growth contributor to the nail care market.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world with high transmission numbers and fatality rates. To control the spread, many countries imposed strict lockdown impositions. This led to the closure of many manufacturing units and production facilities. Thus, it led to a decrease in production and demand, eventually affecting the growth of the nail care market negatively.
  • However, with the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions, manufacturing companies have started their operations, offering a chance for the revival of the nail care market.

Nail care has gained immense popularity across the globe due to the numerous product variety on offer and high usage. Increasing popularity of gel manicures or extensions has revolutionized the nail care market. The polish-like appearance and different feel from acrylic has further prompted customers to prefer gel manicures. This type of manicure and pedicure causes less damage to the nail bed and has become as one of the favorite trends in salons. Nail care salons also prefer to provide gel manicure services, as these offer higher revenue. The increasing adoption of western lifestyle has supported the growth of the nail care market globally. Women are becoming more independent and aware of their looks and are investing high amounts from their disposable income to groom themselves and look more presentable. These factors are driving the nail care market all across the globe. However, the use of chemicals such as camphor and formaldehyde in nail colors, adhesives, removers, and nail gels can have adverse effects and may lead to dizziness, nausea, and headache. These effects can prompt consumers to discontinue the use of these products. Furthermore, growing concerns about chemicals has prompted brands to innovate with diet inspired ingredients. Various ingredients such as turmeric, kale, carrots, almond, and milk are beneficial for nail and skin health and offer new opportunities to nail brands, which in turn is expected to boost the nail care market during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific led the global nail care market in 2017, followed by North America. It is expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. This is owing to the rising demand for innovative and new technology nail care products such as bold colors and special effects, long-lasting traditional manicure, soak-off gels, new finishes such as matte top coats, glitter polishes, and magnetic nail polish in emerging countries such as China, India, and countries in Southeast Asia.

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Manufacturers operating in the global nail care market are facing intense competition. Market players often use price/quality characteristics to position their brands. In order to maintain their position in the market, players are offering free shipping and discounts on nail care products to customers. Key players operating in the global nail care market include American International Industries, Barielle Ltd., California Chemical Specialties, ChromaDurlin (NV Organics), CNC International B.V., OPI Products, Inc., Creative Nail Design, Inc., Delia Cosmetics, Fiabila S.A., IL Cosmetics Group, Kirker Enterprises, Inc., and Polychromatic (Keystone Research & Pharmaceutical Inc.).

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