Data Erasure Solutions Market 2024 | Data Theft Risks During Coronavirus Fuel Demand for Data Erasure Solutions

Due to the increasing rates of identity threats during the COVID-19 pandemic, data erasure tools have witnessed high demand. Stellar is in talks for its data recovery-proof erasure variants, BitRaser, which helps to erase personal information of users while disposing of storage devices. Such trends are translating into revenue opportunities for companies in the data erasure solutions market.

Companies in the data erasure solutions market are increasing the availability of tools fully eradicate data from storage devices, whilst effectively preventing end-of-use privacy breaches. They are developing software that prevents restoration of information from storage devices, since the rates of identify threats have shot up dramatically amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Software companies are targeting highly regulated industries, since they are more conscious about data theft.

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Tamper-proof Certificates for Data Sanitization Methods Help in Effective Data Purging

The data erasure solutions market is expected to advance at an explosive CAGR of ~29% during the forecast period. However, correctly purging the data that resides in the deep recesses of the inventory one wishes to sell can be challenging. Hence, companies in the data erasure solutions market such as Ontrack is gaining recognition for offering software that confirms the total number of overwriting passes that are performed and verified by the erasure software.

Software developers are creating solutions that allow double-checking of the data being erased. Users are gaining awareness about auditable and tamper-proof certificates that ensure the data sanitization methods are effective.

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GDPR Guidelines in India Leverage Remote Data Erasure Capabilities

The data erasure solutions market is estimated to cross a valuation of US$ 21.4 Bn by 2030. Companies are making sure that corporate data of an organization is unreadable by cyber criminals. Thus, companies in India are adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to ensure data protection and digital privacy. Corporate companies are participating in webinars that create awareness about end-of-life data, minimize data leaks, and make corporate data unreadable.

Software-based data destruction is creating incremental opportunities for companies in the data erasure solutions market. Blancco – a provider of certified, secure data erasure software for a range of IT assets, is gaining popularity for offering remote data erasure capabilities. Careful auditing of data destruction ensures that the data has been effectively sanitized with no scope for error.

Self-encrypting Drives with ISE Making Drive Retirement Processes Safe

Self-encrypting drives are a breakthrough innovation in the data erasure solutions market. Seagate’s secure self-encrypting drives (SED) are being highly publicized for its ability to very quickly erase all the data on the device. Software and hardware companies are taking cues from such innovations to enable instant secure erase (ISE) of data.

Drive retirement methods are faced with drawbacks such as long time to complete, manual operation, and high IT retirement costs. The instant secure erase holds promising potentials for companies in the data erasure solutions market to address time, cost, and security concerns. ISE is in talks for making the drive retirement process safer, faster, and easier for any size of the IT dept.

In-house Hard Drive Erasure Helps Minimize Physical Destruction of Hard Drives

Onsite data destruction is a fast growing phenomenon in the data erasure solutions market. TES-AMM – a provider of data erasure and computer reuse solutions, has established a team of expert technicians who arrive onsite and run through regimented operating procedures for data erasure. As such, it is estimated that software solutions will dictate a higher revenue share as compared to services in the data erasure solutions market during the forecast period.

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Companies are developing software that are Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) accredited. In-house hard drive erasure helps to minimize the waste resulting from physical destruction of hard drives. Companies are increasing efforts to offer comprehensive reports about data erasure.