Movie Myths That You Probably Believe

One of the best sources of entertainment is most certainly got to be Hollywood. This is perhaps the best source of entertainment as compared to the other sources of entertainment such as Nollywood and Bollywood.  More often than not, Tv shows and movies usually tamper with the hard truth of reality. They do so as to create a product that is considered to a more exciting product by its viewers.

Although this might most certainly be all well and god due to the fact that reality can be pretty dull. This tampering with the hard truth of reality has most certainly established numerous myths, lies, and misconceptions about the manner in which people believe the world works.

Be it the manner in which the guns which have lasers in them actually look like, the manner in which these phones that people are using are being traced, or what it would probably truly take so as to bring back the ferocious animal usually referred to as the dinosaurs and which by the way are believed to be extinct.

Movie Myths: Laser Guns Are Visible

Whether it is you are talking about the giant laser guns, which are usually mounted on to a spaceship or a  handheld laser blaster, it is normally accepted in the science fiction that, eventually we will all most certainly leave on the bullet and start killing each other with a more developed weapon, and that is the lasers. And this might probably be something that can be possible to come to pass in the future.

The problem with the Hollywood movie is that in the laser gun, it is very much possible to be able to see the lasers, which is very much different as opposed to the real-life, where lasers are usually considered to be invisible. This is not saying that someone cannot come up with a laser gun where it is possible to see the laser.

It just that the lasers which are invisible are typically the one that is considered to be far more powerful. A light beam that is usually visible will most probably scatter some of its photons on the eye of the person who is using it so that they cannot be able to see it.

This, therefore, makes this laser to be less energetic and thus less potent. Even today, the primary laser gun such as the laser pointer on the sniper rifles and Light machine guns typically uses a non-visible light wavelengths

2 ) Explosions Are No Big Deal

Any action hero movie or tv show that is considered acceptable shows the main character, who is typically good at dealing with explosions and will only receive minor injuries in his endeavors with the explosions. You will be able to see a staring in the movie jumping from a tall building being pushed by the force of the explosions and onto a car without dying.

In reality, as you might possibly expect, that same shockwave from the explosion will most certainly tear the staring of these tv shows and movies into tiny bits of pieces. Even though his or her body remains in an intact manner, the shockwave from the explosion will not push him forward, but rather it would go through him or her. This alone is capable enough to stop his or her heart.For more information please click on this link Watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์).