Motor Lamination Market Understanding the Key Product Segments and their Future 2019 – 2027

Motor laminations are developed using electrical steel laminations. Silicon steel or commonly called as electrical steel, is a type of steel that has integrated silicon in it. This addition of silicon in steel helps in increasing the electrical resistance of the material and it also helps in enhancing the capacity of magnetic fields to pass through it. Moreover, it also aids in cutting down the hysteresis loss of the steel. Motor laminations are primarily used in the fabrication of motor units. These materials are used for enhancing the functional properties of the motor units and it also helps in reducing the machine losses.

In the retail market, motor lamination is commonly referred to as rotor lamination or stator lamination. These materials are the metal part of the rotor and stator. They comprise of thin sheets of lamination piled up together. These motor lamination materials can be stacked, bonded, and welded together, depending upon the application need.

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Global Motor Lamination Market: Introduction

Motor lamination refers to stator lamination and rotor lamination in the commercial market. The motor lamination process is an essential part of motor designing. The increase in automobile production is the key factor that drives the global motor lamination market. Boost in production and sales of different types of vehicles across various regions has augmented the demand for motors used in vehicles for different applications. This is likely to increase the demand for motor lamination.

Global Motor Lamination Market: Competitive Landscape

Euro Group S.p.A.

Founded in 1987, Euro Group S.p.A. is headquartered in Milan, Italy. The company is involved in supply of products such as electric motors and generators for manufacturers. It offers electrical steel laminations, die cast rotors, carbide dies, blanked and notched laminations, compound tools, and laminations and components for small electrical motors for prototypes and series products. The company provides its products and services for aerospace, domestic appliance, power tool, compressor, elevator and lift, automotive, hermetic motor, pump, machine tools, energy production, and handling equipment applications.

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