Motivation and Record Keeping

Many people have a difficult time motivating themselves in general. During difficult social and economic times, it can be particularly challenging to do so. Some of the strategies that people use when things are otherwise going well, just won’t work under those circumstances. However, some basic tools are always available, and people can make use of those resources when they’re coping with new personal challenges.

Future Motivation

Ultimately, people should think of the future when they’re trying to motivate themselves, and not the past or the present. While too many individuals are often encouraged to live in the moment, this advice won’t always be useful for the people who are trying to escape the anxiety that they feel at the current moment.

Procrastination is typically caused by fear and not laziness, and identifying the source of the problem is the key to solving it. Keeping records for a future date can help people stay motivated since the records themselves are an accomplishment.


Some individuals have always kept diaries. It’s easier to do so in the modern world since so many digital resources are now available. People don’t always read their old diary entries, but once they do, they can often learn something about themselves. Even individuals with fantastic memories will not be able to recall all of the details about their lives since it’s only possible to keep track of so many things. Diaries can help people regain some of the memories that they have functionally lost.

Sometimes, people won’t feel as if they have accomplished anything over the course of a week, a month, or a year. However, a diary can help people realize that this is not the case. It can also help with the opposite situation, giving people the chance to demonstrate that people who said that they were going to accomplish something, did not. Either way, diaries and photo collections can help motivate people.

Photo Collections and Books

Making a photo book can motivate people right away. They can take pictures of themselves as they are trying to accomplish different tasks. Even if those tasks are not very physical in nature, it should still be possible to capture the moment in a way that will prove memorable. As people get used to doing so, they will find many new ways to create new images.

People like creating photo albums of momentous events. However, there is no reason to think that a week spent at home cannot be momentous. It’s all a matter of how people view that week. The individuals who manage to accomplish a lot within a given week might feel like it was a memorable collection of days, even if they did not change locations.

It absolutely is possible to create a memorable photo album from any location, and people can try to motivate themselves to work through the creation of these books. They won’t want to get to the end of the week with no new images, even if they’re the only ones looking at these images.

People can sometimes seem more productive than they are in their written diaries, but it can be more difficult to create that impression in a diary that is much more visual in nature. The photo albums can also be more rewarding than some other diaries.