Most Popular Music And Video Director Eloway Music

Introduction Eloway Music (Joselito Fernandez)

Joselito Fernandez (28 years old) is known professionally as Eloway Music who is an American artist, musician, rapper, director, producer, and Instagram personality from Ponce, Puerto Rico, raised in the neighborhood of Caricaboa, Jayuya, Puerto Rico along with 12 siblings.

When describing the music genre that Eloway Music creates, labels such as of Latin Trap and Reggeaton are best to describe, that are currently well known of emerging from Puerto Rico. He is known as the “Most Driven Director/Artists to show his Talent ” by music and video critics and fans alike.


  Coming up with the idea

The idea is what makes a music video popular (or not popular). A good idea can always bring success if properly implemented. He has a good creative mind to give a new idea about music video.

  1. Searching for locations

Every music video needs a suitable location. This may be a production studio or a specific location (amusement park, forest, city, neighborhood, beach, landmark, mall, etc.). He has a best shooting locations.

  1. Shooting

Shooting day is essential. He has a good shooting experience by shooting more then 100 music videos.

  1. Editing

The shooting is finished, now it’s the editing phase. He has a professional video editors that save his time and achive more results. And a professional music video is ready.


1.Adept Learning and Researching Skills

No one starts out knowing everything, which is why the ability to proficiently research and learn about new topics and concepts is such an important attribute for a successful director to have. He has a good learning and researching skills by which he can produce a creative music video.

2. The Ability to Adapt and Adjust

Everything doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, most of the time he can count on there being some deviation from the original blueprint, especially in the business world where there are so many variables to consider. He is able to adapt to changes in his industry and quickly make adjustments to operations if need be. Adversely, he is too stubborn to accept or facilitate change are usually the ones who face financial hardship in the long-term.

 3. Creativity and Innovation

Sometimes he will have to think outside of the box and do some creative manoeuvring in order to escape the revolving door of debt and creditor pressures. He is a leaders in his industries, formulating new product and service offerings and going above and beyond the efforts of the competition to impress and satisfy every client.

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