Mobile Enforcement Systems Market – Introduction

  • A mobile enforcement systems are used to provide evidence collection and video monitoring of a specific area with the help of a mobile surveillance system. The mobile enforcement system is majorly used as a traffic control and management system, automatic number plate recognition system, and used for parking management solutions.
  • Governments are expected to adopt the mobile enforcement system to manage public events and major traffic disasters by mobile surveillance vehicles or stations.
  • Local police departments are adopting mobile enforcement system vehicles to monitor public activity to maintain and provide safety during certain events or in public spaces. Mobile enforcement systems also play a major role in preventing road accidents or major traffic issues by collecting video evidence of the incident or law breaking activity by a driver.
  • The video and audio recording can be used for further analysis of the process to find out the solutions for different traffic situations and the reason for an accident and other illegal activity by individuals or groups in public spaces.
  • Government departments require mobile, fast, and ready-to-go solutions which can be used as temporary mobile monitoring stations. The adoption of mobile enforcement systems is expected to increase in the government sector to provide road safety and monitor public spaces.

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Key Drivers of the Mobile Enforcement Systems Market

  • Increasing demand for mobile surveillance systems and solutions for sharing real time audio and video recording from a temporary mobile monitoring station is expected to boost the demand for mobile enforcement systems.
  • The mobile enforcement system is easy to move by installing the system on a vehicle (used as a mobile enforcement vehicle), which is expected to boost the growth of the mobile enforcement systems market.
  • Rising demand for advanced mobile public surveillance systems is expected to offer significant revenue opportunities to mobile enforcement system manufacturers.

High cost of the system and limited industry exposure expected to hinder the growth of the mobile enforcement systems market

  • Mobile enforcement systems require supporting accessories such as high quality cameras and GPS antennas which increase the cost of the complete security solution. The high cost of mobile enforcement systems is one of the major restraints of the market.
  • The mobile enforcement system is majorly adopted by the government sector, primarily to maintain law and order in public spaces which reduces or limits the business opportunity for system providers in different industry segments. The limited product exposure in other industries is expected to restrain the growth of the market during the forecast period.

North America to hold major share of the global mobile enforcement systems market

  • North America is expected to hold prominent share of the mobile enforcement systems market due to the high adoption rate of advance public surveillance systems by road safety departments and local police departments to monitor public activities, road traffic, and public vehicle parking.
  • Adoption rate of mobile enforcement systems by government departments and other security agencies in North America is higher as compared to other regions. This is due to significant adoption of advance surveillance systems to protect and improve the performance of evidence collecting systems during public events, which in turn is estimated to boost the demand for mobile enforcement systems during the forecast period.
  • The mobile enforcement systems market in Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a prominent CAGR during the forecast period, mainly due to increasing demand for technologically advanced security solutions in police departments and defense.

Key players operating in the global mobile enforcement systems market

  • Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (HIKVISION)

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a global provider of security surveillance solutions and products. The company offers solutions in industrial automation and smart home technology to expand its product portfolio in other business domains. The company provides solutions by industry type such as traffic flow optimization, banking, construction, intelligent marketing in retail, education solutions, and smart city surveillance solutions.

  • Videalert Limited

Videalert Limited is a U.K. based civil traffic enforcement and digital video solutions provider. The company offers a wide range of solutions in the security domain such as civil traffic enforcement, system for public safety, hosted services, and digital video platforms. The company offers a vehicle mobile enforcement system for security services and government departments to help maintain law and order through mobile video surveillance solutions.

Other key players operating in the global mobile enforcement systems market include JENOPTIK AG, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions Limited, ATT Systems Group, Smart Microwave Sensors GmbH, and TranTechCom (TTC) LLC.

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