Versatile cobots are presumably the following huge advance in community oriented apply autonomy. They are now available and starting to advance into organizations simply like yours. However, you may be pondering: Are versatile cobots are extremely justified, despite all the trouble for my particular circumstance? It’s a decent inquiry. You would prefer not to put resources into a portable self-governing robot except if it’s certainly going to improve your procedures. Here’s the manner by which you can see whether included versatility is reasonable for your business. Owing to the rising adoption of cobots across various industries propels the growth of global mobile cobots market in coming years.

  • Synergistic robots or cobots are extremely nimble. This implies they are anything but difficult to repurpose for new errands. Thus, clients frequently move cobots between errands on numerous occasions a day. The issue with this is changeovers require a human to move the robot. On the off chance that you end up hauling your robot between many, little assignments consistently, it may bode well to include a portable base. This benefits also helps the speedy adoption of mobile cobots in industries such as manufacturing and automotive which as a result is propelling the growth of global mobile cobot market.
  • Most cobot clients need to join their automated undertakings with manual assignments did by human laborers. This is actually what cobots are intended to do. Be that as it may, you should change over a total procedure to cobot robotization. To accomplish a totally mechanized work process, you would need to computerize the transportation of articles between workstations. A portable base is one approach to do this, however by all account not the only way. This flexibility of the cobots also helps the global mobile cobots market to grow substantially in coming years.

Global Mobile Cobots Market – Snapshot

The mobile cobots market, which is undergoing the initial stage of its development, is witnessing significant technological advancements at present. In the recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for industrial robots in the automotive sector. This can be attributed to increasing customer demand for customization in their cars. Unlike industrial robots, collaborative robots are not dedicated to only a single task. Hence, manufacturers are now switching toward collaborative robots.

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There has been a significant rise in adoption of mobile cobots over the last few years, due to the wide range of their applications in the automotive industry such as spraying, painting, and assembling of different parts of cars. The market for mobile cobots is projected to reach value of US$ 4,472.53 Mn by 2026 from US$ 336.98 Mn in 2017, registering a CAGR of 33.4% during the forecast period.

Furthermore, cobots offer high accuracy in work environments and increase productivity as well as safety. Hence, high accuracy and declining costs are expected to propel the mobile cobots market during the forecast period.

The market overview chapter explains market trends and dynamics that include drivers, restraining factors, and the current and future opportunities for the mobile cobots market. Market outlook analysis has also been provided in the report. Additionally, the report provides analysis of different business strategies being adopted by leading players operating in the global mobile cobots market. The market introduction chapter helps in gaining an idea of different trends prevalent in the global mobile cobots market.

Global Mobile Cobots Market: Scope of Report

The study provides a decisive view on the global mobile cobots market, by segmenting the market in terms of weight capacity, application, and end-use industry. The report provides a detailed, region-wise segmentation of the mobile cobots market and sub-categorizes it into various countries, thereby providing valuable insights at micro and macro levels.

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The report further highlights the competition scenario in the mobile cobots market, thereby ranking all major players according to their geographic presence and key recent developments. Insights for the mobile cobots market is a result of extensive primary interviews, secondary research, and in-house expert panel reviews. Market estimates have been analyzed by considering the impact of different economic, political, social, legal, and technological factors.