Migrating Store from Volusion to BigCommerce

Changing your ecommerce platform may be a crucial component in the company’s growth and promotion. Recognizing your particular business requirements, recognizing faults, finding improvements and doing analysis on the industry are all crucial to finding the right solution for you and your company. You can get help migrate Volusion to BigCommerce. BigCommerce will actually reduce the entire e-commerce acquisition expense, not just to subscribe to the business and licensing fees, but to also established, finance and manage your online retailer in terms of time and money. For retailers transferring their current web shops the 2 most frequent situations are:

  • Changing providers of servers, but retaining same web domain
  • Modifying Service and Name of Domains

Altering Hosting Servers

There are a variety of valid explanations that the hosting provider should be modified the existing solution may be too prohibiting, too sluggish, difficult to understand or unmanageable to run. You may not be happy with the throughput capability currently available, the device might have security or privacy issues, or you may not have all the hardware and functions you really have to support your organization develop and work. Many online traders have found that changing from an on-site / self-hosted configuration to a cloud based e-commerce approach such as BigCommerce has taken place:

  • More rentable
  • more often (less leisure time) accessible
  • Easier to handle and run
  • more rugged and flexible with new functions and design

Altering Domain Name

Choosing to switch your web domain is an important choice, and then before making moves you should weigh the impact on your search engine result pages. You may, however, take measures to mitigate the impact. One of the most common explanations for changing the web domain is:

  • Changing brand: To better describe the business product, a new domain is required.
  • Purchasing partnership: change your username or business name.
  • Vanity: The domain name would be accessible for brief, requested, or simple-to-remember.
  • Jobs: You have a knowledge site created, and are prepared for expansion to a shop, or store, prefix.

You can buy a domain from big business or use any third-party registration. For either your BigCommerce shop.

Migrating to BigCommerce

BigCommerce boasts a range of items that make it easy and convenient that switch from a different platform. Find out more about:

  • Items imported
  • Consumer Choice Import
  • Customers importing
  • How do I move items to another BigCommerce store?
  • Shift of your catalogue from some other ecommerce site to BigCommerce

Check list

In order to ensure that your shop is prepared for deliveries, you ought to:

  • Check the sections of your product
  • Pick your transaction portal and set it up
  • Set the shipment parameters
  • Set the tax changes
  • Buy an SSL certificate (or pass an existing certificate)
  • Check the settings for checkout, transit, tax and payment

Go ahead

You would like the main format to be accessible as long as necessary after moving from one website hosting service to another so that the potential downtime for the transition is reduced. During the activity of your current business, you will grow and customize the major business in the context. Any things you should do after the turn to could the lack of traffic are here:

  • Log in to and scan in the Google Search Console both your old and current domain.
  • Create the old site’s 404 error page for informing and warning visitors to the current site.
  • Drag the list of the original website’s URLs and build 301 redresses to ensure that each old website’s URL has a new site correlating URL.
  • Give the Google and Bing old map so that the latest redirects can be registered.
  • Use the Google Search Console Address Change application.Use the Bing Webmaster Tools utility Site Transfer.
  • Give the latest map to you.