Membrane air dryers utilize a unique and efficient way to remove various contaminants including water vapor from compressed air systems using a dehumidification membrane. It helps in lowering both the dew point and the relative humidity at the same time. Membrane air dryers are commonly used for gas separation in nitrogen production for food storage. The structure of the membrane is designed in such a way that molecules of certain types of gases (such as oxygen) are able to filter through a semi permeable membrane faster than other gases (such as nitrogen). Thus, it helps in increasing the concentration of the desired gas (nitrogen) at the outlet of the generator which can be drained out after completion of the entire process. Membrane air dryers are also being used in pneumatic components such as air guns, air spindles, medical equipment, air bearings, and pneumatic brakes for vehicles and trains, and many other applications.The working operation involves passing of the compressed air through a high efficiency coalescing filter to remove oil and water droplets. Thus, the air leaving the filter contains only water vapor which is removed by the principle of selective diffusion through a membrane module. The membrane module involves the bundle of hollow membrane fibers for filtering water vapors. As the compressed air passes through the center of the fibers, water vapor filters through the walls of the fiber, thus providing dry air from the other end of the fiber.

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Membrane air dryers require no electricity and thus have low operation costs and are much more reliable and reasonable to use. These air dryers can be operated continuously 24/7 and with proper maintenance and installation, can last for long years. The main drivers for growth of the membrane air dryers market include rapid increase in demand for membrane air dryers in end use industries such as food & beverage, medical, industrial, telecommunication, among many others. Also membrane air dryers offer several advantages as it has no moving parts, is compact, lightweight, and provides space saving along with no vibration or heat discharge. In order to stay competitive, medical and electronic goods manufacturers are focusing on meeting high air purity criteria, due to increased quality awareness, and technological advancements.Therefore, creation of clean air is a necessity and plays a critical role in achieving a clean work space, which is also expected to propel demand for membrane air dryers over the next few years. Hence, with the growing demand to maintain regulatory standards especially in food and beverages sector is also expected to boost overall growth of the global membrane air dryers market in the forecast period. The major factor that will adversely impact the growth of the market is the unnecessary excess water in compressed air, resulting in equipment corrosion, which further leads to functioning issues.

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The global membrane air dryers market can be categorized on the basis of product, application, and region. The product segment can further be classified into non-porous, and porous. On the basis of application segment, the global membrane air dryers market can be categorized into food & beverage, medical, industrial, electronics and semiconductor, telecommunication and others.On the basis of geography, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The major players in the global membrane air dryers market are Sullair, Donaldson Company Inc., Pentair, Gardner Denver, Inc., Atlas Copco Corp., Parker, and Festo among others. These companies are investing in R&D and strengthening their partnerships with regional distributors in order to increase the share of the membrane air dryers market globally.

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