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I Just Read Your Blogs About Your Trip To Cuba. So How Was Your Trip And How Did You Ended Up On Choosing That Place?

F: We had been planning to travel to Cuba for a long time. In fact, we had been thinking of traveling to Cuba as early as the first months of 2019. However, it was not possible to undertake this trip before February 2022. Actually, this trip had a purpose related to my work as an architect.

D: Yes, in fact, Frida was in Cuba for more than twenty days before my arrival. I traveled for a full day to get to Cuba and once there it was amazing! In this way, we have combined Frida’s work as an architect with our work as a travel influencer.

How Were The People Of Cuba?

F: Cuban people are very friendly and respect tourists because they are a source of income for them. We tried the experience of staying in a Casa Particular allows you to be more in touch with the locals and learn their traditions.

D: We always felt as safe in Havana as in all of Cuba. Many people think that Cuba is a dangerous place like other places in Central and South America. But they are wrong! In fact, in Cuba, the crime is almost zero and the people are genuine.

Tell Us About Their Foods And Drinks.

D: The cuisine in Cuba is a mix of the Caribbean, Africa and Spain. Rice and black beans (moros y cristianos), tostones, ropa vieja, fried plantain are some of the typical foods of Cuba. Also, we ate tons of papaya and our favorite guayaba.

F: Cuba is probably more famous for its drinks than for food. Rum-based cocktails like Cuba Libre, Daiquiri and Mojito are very popular in Cuba and sold at affordable prices. Historic bars such as La Bodeguita del Medio and El Floridita are visited by thousands of tourists every day. For example people like Ernest Hemingway loved to drink Mojito and Daiquiri in these two bars located in Old Havana.

Any Guidance For The People Who Planning For Their Visit To Cuba?

D: Traveling to Cuba today is a unique and much simpler experience than a few years ago. Some major restrictions have only tourists from the US. While for other countries the procedure to enter Cuba is quite simple.

F: To enter Cuba, you need a valid passport, health insurance and a tourist card. The tourist card (tarjeta de turista) is valid for 30 days and can be extended once you’re in Cuba. The tourist card can be purchased from travel agencies, airline offices or a Cuban embassy/consulate ahead of time. The price of tarjeta de turista is $99 if departing from US or about $30 from airports of other countries.

What Are The Best Places To Visit At Cuba?

F: The capital of Cuba, Havana, is certainly a unique place in the world full of history and charm. Old Havana is the heart of the city and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. Its streets are full of colorful buildings, restaurants, churches and squares. We gave a piece of ourselves in these places, and what we walked away with was a sense of fulfillment we had always been searching for!

D: Havana is definitely a starting point on a trip to Cuba. However, there are other places that are worth a visit. Vinales and Trinidad are two must-see places in Cuba. Oh, don’t leave Cuba without taking a dip in its clear Caribbean waters. Varadero and the island of Cayo Largo del Sur boast beautiful white sand beaches.


This photo is to represent Domi & Frida's Instagram postCuba is the country of colors, isn’t it???? If you are as excited as we are when we see pastel colored houses, in Cuba you‘ll stop very often to take tons of photos as a result your feed will be really colorful!?
Tell Us About The Best Spots In Cuba Where People Can Take Better Social Media Pictures.

Cuba is definitely an Insta-friendly place. There are several spots that will take your Instagram feed to the next level. Most of our favorite photo spots in Cuba are in its capital Havana. In addition, we took more photos of the white beaches of Varadero.

F: In Havana, our favorite spots are almost all concentrated in the neighborhoods of La Habana Vieja and Habana Centro. Plaza de la Revolucion is another perfect place to take some iconic photos and is a few kilometers from the center. There are also hotels like the Manzana Kempiski that boasts a fantastic 360-degree view and above all on the Capitolio and Parque Central from its rooftop swimming pool. If you want to know more about the best Instagram Spots in Havana don’t miss the article on our blog.

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