MBA Essay Mistakes You Should Avoid in Writing

businessman showing thumb up and drawing mba scheme on wall

Getting an MBA is a level many of us dream about. It is about determination, success, and, yes, it is about money. It is about bigger chances to have a career of your dream, and consequently, the life of your dream. The first step to this dream — an MBA essay — looks like something simple. However, it is the point where most of the candidates fail. There are no 100% bulletproof rules which will help you not to fail, but here are some most common mistakes to consider and not to make.

Mistake #1. No vision, just scattered bits of information

Getting an MBA is a decision. And this decision should be clearly seen in your essay. You cannot just write all random facts about your life and expert committee members to get inspired. First of all, be honest with yourself about your decision to get an MBA and later try to make your essay radiate that honesty and that decision.

Mistake #2. Difficult to understand/believe career goals

Again, it is about logic and honesty. You may have very impressive goals, but committee members also assess how much those goals coincide with your achievements for now, with your work, status, etc. Realistic people have better chances. If your goals are clear and legit, but you have no idea how to form them into a convincing paper, address a writing service e.g. CheapWritingHelp with a “write my essay for me cheap” request, and get a professionally written essay. 

Mistake #3. No proof you can use knowledge achieved during MBA education

MBA is not a knitting or Italian pizza cooking course you attend for fun. It is a serious diploma, and institutions that give that diploma are highly concerned about how their alumni present them in the world. If you cannot prove that you will use your diploma for good, you will be rejected.

Mistake #4. No practical experience you can rely on

Being a business administrator means you have enough working experience to command others, to decide what a particular department or even a company will or will not do. You cannot get an MBA diploma without prior experience in the business. Don’t try to cheat by faking the experience; everything gets checked later.

Mistake #5. Not convincing reasons for obtaining an MBA

Again, we come to your goals and means to achieve them. You need to prove that your goals can and should be proved with an MBA diploma you get from this institution. Not every career requires an MBA diploma. Do you agree with us? There are cases when companies don’t hire people with an MBA diploma for a variety of reasons.

Mistake #6. Not covering a question/questions fully in the essay

Answer the question fully, and when writing literally every sentence, ask yourself whether this sentence is relevant to the asked question or not. If a sentence, an abstract, an idea, a story from your experience, don’t help you to answer the question — delete them. Even if you find some story very funny or descriptive, delete.

Mistake #7. Robot-style writing

Let people know that you are a real person, not a robot. Don’t use free online samples for your MBA essay — they are all the same, and committee members will clearly see it. Don’t try to look like a superhero when writing about your work or life experience and add some sparkle to your essay. 

We hope your MBA essay happens to be a real success, and you proceed to your dream life as planned. Avoid the most common mistakes, be determined; don’t get relaxed before everything is done perfectly. Good luck!