Maximise your investment in video at your next event

You’ve noticed the buzz around live events and video production and now you’re wondering whether incorporating video into your next event is really worthwhile. You already know that organising your event requires much of your time, effort, creativity and certainly your money, so why add video into the mix?

According to Cisco, by 2023 video consumption will make up over 80% of consumer internet traffic, with social media video content being shared 1200% more times than image or text-based content combined. With a little bit more research you’ll go on to find countless statistics online backing up the idea that users would much rather be watching a video online than read an article (Film Lifestyle).

All these numbers emphasise how important it is that you jump on board the video bandwagon for your next event, but it’s true they can also raise plenty more questions. What type of video will be right for my event? Will I be spending unnecessary money? And most importantly, how can you ensure a good return on your investment in video.

How can event video solutions maximise my ROI?

The key here is not to become overwhelmed by the abundance of video options out there. Not every video solution is going to work for you, but the right type will greatly benefit your event.

So, if you want the success and value of your event to exceed beyond simply its start and finish time, you’re going to want to invest in the right types of video production solutions.

That’s where hiring a professional video production team is really important. An experienced event videography team will guide you through the process and will be able to consult you on what the best video content opportunities are for your particular event.

It’s important to remember that video will maintain its value long after your event is finished, so it’s a cost-effective medium in the way in which it can be used over and over and in a variety of different formats.

Examples of the ROI potential and the versatility of video include:

⦁ Paid presentations available online
⦁ Increased publicity via presenters who may want to share their video presentation
⦁ Testimonials and interview video to market future events and increase event authenticity
⦁ Past event highlights to market future events and increase events credibility
⦁ Incorporation of video asset as part of event website
⦁ While you’re thinking about video content you should also look into hiring a professional event photographer

It all sounds easy enough right? Well it should be with the right video production team on board. If you’re in the events space it’s never been as important to start producing quality video content for your audience. If you’d like some ideas, view our video content for events and see what’s possible.