It’s been many weeks since you have been practicing social distancing and indulging in self-quarantine to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. Among all the things that you have to now do on your own, the most difficult part is grooming your hair. The lockdown has made it difficult and risky to go on a trip to your favorite hair salon and spa. Left at the hands of a professional always, you may be now clueless on how to start taking care of your tresses. In this article, Matthew Davies Stockton relieves you of the stress by sharing tips on how to maintain your lustrous beauty during the quarantine. They are listed below:

The Guide

  1. Keep your hair moisturized – Dry and brittle hair snap easily. The hair is dirtiest and dry at its roots. It is essential to maintain the level of sebum, your natural scalp oil that travels from your scalp to the hair to keep each strand moisturized. Washing hair is not a good alternative as water may leave your hair dry again. The best bet is to apply hydration intensive water-based products along with oil-based products. These will keep your hair hydrated. Lay stress on the application at the end of your hair.


  1. Use correct products for your hair – The ingredients in the products that you use decide the fate of your hair to a great extent. As you are now mostly relying on online orders, don’t forget to check the ingredients of the products you are purchasing. The first five or six ingredients are the ones that make up most of the product. Avoid paraben, synthetic fragrance, and colors in your products. These are generally barrier-creating ingredients and prove harsh for your hair. When it comes to choosing the correct product; go for the high-quality ones which boast natural oils and butter, almond, coconut, avocado, shea, or grapeseed.


  1. Treat your hair gently – There is a trick for not to lose hair while combing. Use a wide-toothed comb and gently detangle your hair. Do not comb your hair when completely dry as it is quite hard then. The best time to comb your hair is when it is a little damp. Always start from the bottom of the hair and then proceed to the roots. Do not start combing right from the scalp as the hair generally tangles at the roots and they may shed easily when applied pressure. This style of combing may take some time, but it is totally worth it. Give it a try and see the difference!


  1. Proper washing your hair – Shampooing your hair quite often leaves your hair dry. Always follow it with a conditioner that replenishes all the nutrients that were washed off during the process. Never rub the shampoo on your entire hair. Instead, rub it on the scalp and let it flow along with your hair when you rinse it. When you finish rinsing with lukewarm water, repeat the wash with cold water. This will close all the hair follicles making it less susceptible to shedding off.


Matthew Davies Stockton advises you to love your hair and hopes that the article has given you a proper insight into hair care. You may not notice any results the first time, but with proper care and time, you will definitely notice good results.