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Car insurance is an essential thing for most car owners. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, you need to have car insurance as a vehicle owner or face severe legal penalties in many countries, including the United States. Now you can easily avail car insurance for your vehicle from your android smartphone and here are some of the best apps with that service:


The Apps

  1. Esurance Mobile – Esurance Mobile is a great app that has slowly evolved to become a crowd favorite with a star rating of 4.6 on the Play Store. You can do most things via this app and ditch your trips to your insurance provider. You can view your insurance documents via this app and pay your bills quickly.

You can also print and view your ID card with your vehicle information and policy number written on it. With a single tap, you can view your policy details and the coverages, including bodily injury limits and property damage limits. Moreover, you can file a claim right from the app and send pictures for those claims as well.

  1. Allstate Mobile – When you search for car insurance on the Play Store, this app probably makes the top five search results. It is highly popular and allows you to do anything regarding your vehicle insurance. The list includes everything from roadside assistance and paying bills to find an agent or submitting a claim.

Submitting a claim is simple with the app’s QuickFoto Claim system. You can even do things that aren’t related to insurance, like search for gas stations or parking locations. The app also includes Allstate’s Drivewise system that allows you to improve your driving habits and bring down your insurance costs.

  1. Geico Mobile – If you want a minimal car insurance app that allows you to do the necessary things without overdoing anything, then Geico Mobile is the app for you. Pay your bills, view documents, and even make edits to your insurance policy. However, for significant edits to your policy, you should get someone from the insurance company on the phone. It also allows you to file claims and ask for roadside assistance while the chat feature lets you quickly get in touch with customer service.
  2. State Farm – Android and material design would never do you wrong, and this app is convincing proof. Apart from covering basics like filing claims, viewing documents, and paying bills, the app also allows you access to a few banking features. If you love simplicity and minimalism, you would appreciate this app for its genius design. Besides auto insurance, you can also control the renter’s condo or homeowners’ insurance with this nifty app.


Matthew Davies Stockton suggests that you install one of these apps on your smartphone to check on your insurance and take advantage of all the other features provided by these apps. They make your life a bit easier as a car owner. However, do not be mistaken in thinking that apps are the only place that you can find exceptional insurance rates.




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