Marwan Ilyas Galadari – “Always Make Everyday Fashionable

    Instagram celebrity and Dubai finest person Marwan Ilyas Galadari is living up to the UAE’s vision of constantly participating in the top destination for leisure and glamorous lifestyle as he was seen here at the GQ Event. Marwan is currently the founder and member of the board of directors of the IMG group, which ranks as one of the largest indoor theme park based out of Dubai. 

    One of the core philosophies of Marwan Galadari has been rooted in making every moment counts in the most fashionable way. This has not only reflected on Marwan’s physical appearance but also on how he effortlessly connects with other people of great minds and intriguing personalities. This is part of his long-time secret in winning friends and influencing people in the most positive way. 

    Marwan establishes that “For people to be able to enact a change and influence other people in a positive and valuable way, they must first be able to connect with them in the most effective way ever.” Marwan boasts of over 200k followers on Instagram and has always taken it seriously to keep his followers entertained. You can as well be entertained by giving him a follow via his Instagram handle @marwangaladari