Make your London tour more interesting with easy tips

London is one of the most beautiful and oldest city in the world.This city is famous in the UK for its ancient buildings and markets. London is even famous for its transportation. You can make your tour to London in a great way while following the rules and regulations.You can make the trip to London in a great way , there are thousands of the tips while making the amazing memorable trip with travelling tips. The following are as follows

How to use transportations:

There is private, public, luxury transportation present it depends on you which type of transport you like. There are horses and carriage available too. Most of the tourists usually use double decker bus because you can enjoy the London by sitting on it. London has over ground and underground trains too but it is difficult to travel in peak hours for a visitor. Bicycles are also provided on rent to visitors. Be careful while crossing the road. Mostly accidents occurred while crossing the road. Taxi is commonly available. A card is issued by transportation named as oyster card is widely used by people and visitors. It is just like debit card you can easily use this card on any public transportation.

To be away from the crowd:

To make you trip memorable and amazing while having a tour in city of London, be attentive from pick pockets. Update the family to take care of their bags and gadgets like cameras, headphones etc .Do not allow your children to talk to other annoying person. You should know about the safe places in the London. If you feel some one disturbing you call to police and security.

Mobile and passport should be updated:

Ensure that mobile phone and passport should be ok. For the tour in London there should be a power bank or charger. Take care of phone and passport whiling traveling in city of London. Do not let the children to use phone in crowd. Do not take call while driving your car in the roads of London .If you are new in London get the London chauffeur. Take your photos on the spare phone and on camera.

Stay in central London:

To make your trip remember able stay in central London, as there are thousands of places in the central London to be visited. The most of the places are safe to visit and free as museum and other places. The travelling with in center London is quite easy you can even hire a buy cycle services which make your trip amazing.  With the jolly people, you can get in touch with them.

Book your tickets first:

While planning a tour and make it amazing, book your tickets in advance. This may not waste your time and money and you will visit all the places easily in a great way. Book your hotel in advance which will be easy for you to visit the London in easy way.Choose London chauffeurs and go book your tickets in advance.