Looking for Productive Ways to Spend Your Time at Home?

The world has been pushed to a completely new environment and situation over the past 7 months or so. Ever since the first few cases of Covid-19 emerged in Wuhan, China. The world has perhaps changed permanently. We have learned to use names like isolation and quarantine more frequently than ever before. We have been forced to stay indoors and fill our necessity with online shopping because of this pandemic. The pandemic may be in control in some parts of the world but overall the situation is alarming and disturbing. The world might have lost many thousands of people to this pandemic over the past six or seven months. Whether we like it or not, the new reality has forced many of us to try and find answers to the question as to how to pass time at home or how to pass time at home usefully. Is this really possible or should we continue to waste our time in many useless and unproductive things that we might be doing right now.

Discipline is the Starting Point

Before we get into some useful ways that can help us answer the question how to pass time at home or how to pass time at home usefully, there are a few changes that we have to make as far as our daily habits are concerned. Most of us, being locked down in the four walls of our home tend to become lazy and also our discipline often goes for a toss. Unless we are able to pull ourselves back and understand the importance of discipline and focus it may not be possible for us to answer the question of how to pass time at home or how to pass time at home usefully. Discipline is the foundation on which good habits are built and we must do all it takes to improve this important quality. This will help us to spend free time productively and make a positive contribution not only to our future but also for the future of others including friends and relatives.

Let us now get into the various things that we can do to spend free time productively.

Book Reading

The habit of book reading is slowly dying because of modern day distraction like the internet, smartphones and the electronic media. If you are responsible and are keen on identifying the right things to do to pass time at home then you must get into the habit of reading books which now you can easily shop online. As a young child or a teenager you may have had a liking for those wonderful series of books written by some of the most famous authors. However, because of your higher studies and the new found habits of the internet, etc. you may have dropped the idea of reading books. The new world of Covid-19 presents you with the right opportunity to get back to your reading habits. You also could read some quality attitude-building books and also PMO (Positive mental attitude) books. You need not spend the entire day but you have to make a beginning somewhere and move up the ladder.

Make Positive Use of Netflix


Most of us use Netflix to watch crime thrillers and perhaps movies that are filled with sleaze and sex. We should try and move away from these movies because they are not the right answer for those who wish to spend free time productively. It would, instead, be better to watch series that are educative, informative and at the same time entertaining and interesting. There are dozens of such movie-series available on Netflix or even Amazon Prime. Taking a few hours off from your daily schedule and using it to watch these series will perhaps be able to help you pass your time at home productively. It might take some time to get into the habit of watching these series but once it gets into your subconscious mind you will get quite attached to it and will not miss out on these going forward.

The Fascinating World of Blogging and Writing Contents

Our brain is an amazing factory that can be shaped and moulded the way you want it. Instead of watching cheap thrillers and B-Grade movies try to get into the habit of writing contents and posting them online. This is what is called blogging in today’s world. There is no doubt that this is one of the most effective ways to pass your time at home productively. Blogging is a huge subject and you can choose the area and niche that suits your interest. You will not only improve your writing skills but also can monetize your efforts over a period of time. Apart from being one of the best things to do to pass time at home, it also could be an excellent avenue for earning some extra income sitting in the comfort of your home.

Learn a New Skill

In a world Before Corona (BC) there could have been many instances where we may have missed out on learning new skills because of lack of time and other such things. When you are stuck in the home because of corona and other such problems you can start learning these new skills. It could be related to art and craft, software coding skills or even mastering a few of the dozens of games that are played online. It is quite obvious that learning such a skill is one of the best ways and means to pass your time at home productively. In fact there are many online sites that offer free learning opportunities for various types of skills.

Get Fitter and Leaner


One of the biggest challenges for people who are stuck in their homes is obesity and overweight problems. When you have enough time in hand you can make use of it by getting into regular workouts and physical exercises. There is no need for gym-equipment and you have many options like yoga and eating internatiosnal  healthy supplements by online shopping from desertcart. that can be done sitting in the comfort of your home. This is without any doubt one of the best things to do to pass time at home.


We hope that the above would have given our readers and interested persons some positive inputs on ways and means to make use of the time we spend in our homes because of reasons beyond our control.