Learn Quran Online From Female Quran Tutors

‘’Quran is code of life’’

Are you worried about authentic platform for learning Quran? If yes, online teaching platforms are working efficiently to perform upscale services in your town. The education of Islam is very important for brighter future of our generations. The implementation of Quranic teachings is a way forward for all Muslims. Going to madrassa or any Islamic institute feel very unconventional in this age. The inception of new era has begun with invention of latest technologies. Now you can use your mobile phones or other electronic devices to start learning from your home. Now I would like to share one of my good experiences for learning Quran via online platform.It is very easy for people to manage time for online learning. These kinds of platforms have come with aim to make religion easy for people to decipher and implement.

I have been living in US from last 10 years. I have two daughters as well. I was very worried for them to learn Quran from a trustworthy source. As I was dwelling in a non Muslim state so it was very important for me to show a righteous path to my children. It is duty of parent to protect their children from being led astray. The mosque was also far away from my house. Then I decided to go for online Quran learning. I feel very blessed to have such kind of platforms to get religious education. You can truly believe a reliable academy to teach Quran to your sisters or daughters. I have busy routine and it is impossible for me to spend handsome amount of time with my kids to teach them Quran.

I selected one of the casuistry Quran reading academiesfor Islamic education. No doubt, it is an affordable alternative of going mosque and getting religious education.I had options for selecting male or female tutor but I decided to go for female Quran teacher because I feel it more convenient. In my opinion girls feel more comfortable with female tutors. That’s why I preferred female tutors over male tutors. One of my daughters is 5 years old while younger one is 7 years old. I think this is the best age to teach Quran to your children because their developing brains can perceive or memorize information quickly.

The Quran reading academy bestowed me with certified Alima from recognized Islamic learning institute. Although tutors were available 24x7x365 but I decided 7:00 pm to start Skype session for teaching. It was comfortable for me because I came from my office by six in evening. The only thing I have to maintain is a good internet connection and laptop. The teachers were experienced enough to deliver lectures in the best way. First of all, I was offered with three days trial class but I was satisfied after very first class. The female tutors started teaching from basic Qaida. In my opinion, Noorani Qaida is the primary element to understand Quran stage by stage. The female teachers mainly focused upon correct identification of all letters. I am satisfied with correct Tajweed and pronunciation of words by my daughters. Moreover, they informed me about their performance on weekly basis. The tutors communicate in a benign manner and teach them very politely. They use English, Urdu and Arabic language to teach everything clearly.

My online female Quran tutor infused modesty and Islamic way of living in my daughters. Neither I nor my daughters feel any hesitation to learn Quran. I can also ask questions about my personal life and respond in a frank manner. The female teachers are very punctual and regularly deliver their lectures. There are no restrictions of age or gender to learn Quran. Later on, my mother in law also asked me for learning translation of Quran. I suggested them the same platform. She is equally satisfied with recitation and tajweed.

Likewise, to my surprise the online female Quran tutor memorized different surah and dua to my children. They also taught them about the correct way to offer salat (namaz) and fasting. It has completely solved the problems of women, girls and females to get quality education from their homes in a comfortable environment. Now my children are on the right way to spend their lives according to Allah’s will. I am happy that my daughters are getting world class Islamic education in safe hands. I will surely recommend all females to go for online Quran learning platforms because they use engaging methods to deliver lectures. They give an opportunity to learn Tafseerul Quran, recitation, Hifz or translation under the supervision of trained and qualified female teachers. Several Muslims are getting benefits from this opportunity especially those who cannot go to any institute to learn Quran. It not only saves your times but also very convenient.