Latex-saturated Paper Market Size,Scope, Share, Growth, Future Trends 2027; TMR Analyzes Impact of COVID-19 on Market; Stakeholders to Focus on Long-term Dimensions

Latex-saturated Paper Market Analysis: Growth Opportunities in Developing Economies to Outweigh the Challenges Posed by the Increasing Penetration of Digitalization

The global market for latex-saturated paper was valued at US$ 2.6 Bn in 2018, and is projected to clock a CAGR of 4.3%, during the next eight years.

Latex-saturated paper is a type of specialty paper which is suitable for use in cleanroom environments, and is also widely used for bookbinding and publishing, packaging applications, retail advertising, and as backing in construction products such as tapes. Latex-saturated paper is used as documentation paper and copier paper in many cases.

Cellulose to be the Major Constituent of Latex-saturated Paper

Usually, fibers in a latex-saturated paper comprise at least 50% of cellulosic fibers. In most of the cases, the paper comprises of only cellulosic fibers. Of these, it has been observed that softwood and hardwood fibers enjoy maximum preference for the production of latex-saturated paper. In the industry, it is mostly SBR Latex (Styrene-Butadiene), which is used in latex-saturated paper. SBR latex enhance properties which render it ideal for wet applications. The wet strength of latex-saturated paper also enables its use for products such as paper cup carriers used in foodservice outlets.

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Research Scope: Latex-saturated Paper Market

The global latex-saturated paper market has been segmented on the basis of basis weight, composition, and application. By composition, the global latex-saturated paper market has been segmented on the basis of cellulosic fiber and non-cellulosic fiber. It was found that cellulosic fiber has a higher preference in the market. Furthermore, in many variants of latex-saturated paper, there is no presence of non-cellulosic fiber. The types of cellulosic fibers considered in the study include fibers made from softwood and hardwood Kraft pulp, rice, bamboo, jute, rye, and others. The common non-cellulosic fibers considered during the research include glass wool, thermosetting polymers, thermoplastic polymers, and others. On the basis of application, the global latex-saturated paper market has been broadly segmented into – construction products, packaging applications, publishing & bookbinding, and veneer backing.

Trade Show Graphics Driving the Demand for Latex-saturated Paper

Latex-saturated paper is considered as one of the ideal solutions for trade show graphics and anything which requires promotion. It is critical to create high-end and visually-appealing graphics. Therefore, there is a requirement for paper products and substrates that have high printability coupled with durability. Trade show graphics require a wide range of media for end products such as tabletop displays and banner stands, for which latex-saturated paper comes out as one of the top choices. Latex-saturated paper is versatile in nature and is one of the most preferred products for the job. Latex-saturated paper is cost-effective and is highly preferred by sign and banner suppliers. The latex-saturated paper market is driven by the growing demand for graphics media with varying finishes and high printability.

Latex-saturated Paper at Point of Purchase (POP)

Another key factor boosting the demand for latex-saturated paper is its increasing use in point-of-purchase applications to increase sales. Growth in the use of latex-saturated paper at POP is expected to be more prominent in developing countries such as India, where organized retail is expected to clock double-digit CAGR in the next decade. The increase in consumer spending on retail has led to innovative products, which brand owners effectively promote in brick and mortar stores, thereby increasing the demand for latex-saturated paper.

One of the key factors expected to hamper the growth of the global latex-saturated paper market is competition from the increasing use of plastic-based digital fixtures. Although latex-saturated paper is widely used due to its high printability, which enhances the chances of impulse buying among consumers, it is expected that plastic-based fixtures could hamper market growth.

Advancements in modern technologies such as branding through wall covering & fixtures using digital techniques, are likely to hamper market growth of decor applications of latex-saturated paper. These fixtures do not require wooden substrates and may be formed using plastic equipment. Although, to provide wooden texture, individuals use laminates for interior designs of offices, institutes, and houses. The growth of digital media to communicate with consumers is also one of the key restraints to the growth of the global latex-saturated paper market during the forecast period.

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The recent upward trend in online shopping could hamper the growth of the latex-saturated paper market. This is due to changing consumer buying patterns. The modern consumer is well aware of product specifications, and relies more on peer recommendations, coupled with their own knowledge, to make purchase decisions.

The Asia Pacific region is estimated to represent the highest incremental $ opportunity for the latex-saturated paper market during the next eight years. This is due to the growth in penetration of the organized retail sector in developing countries in the region such as India and China. Furthermore, as the retail sector growth in India is set to remain in double-digit figures for much of the forecast period, the demand for latex-saturated paper for promotional posters and point-of-purchase advertisement is expected to rise.

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Latex-saturated Paper Market: Competition Analysis

Key players profiled in the research report on latex-saturated paper include Potsdam Specialty Paper, Inc., Nar SpA, Neenah Inc., Mask-Off Company Inc., EMI Specialty Papers, Inc., Mafcote, Inc., Paperfabriek Schut B.V., UPM-Kymmene Oyj, The Griff Network, Daifuku Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Sihl AG, Laufenberg GmbH, and Ecological Fibers, Inc.

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