Lalbazaar: A brilliantly directed thriller now on ZEE5

All your crime thriller lovers assemble because ZEE5 has brought to you a beautiful series called Lalbazaar. This is an epitome of mystery, suspense, lust, revenge and so much more. This is brilliantly directed by Sayantan Ghosal who has tried to showcase this story in the best possible way. It is based in the city life and not to forget this is truly based on true events.

The star cast includes some really talented actors named Gaurav Chakraborty, Kaushiki Sen, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Sauraseni. The extremely talented Ajay Devgn is chosen as the narrator of the series who has brought in a lot of excitement as the story begins to unfold. It is great to see how young talents are doing great justice to such intense roles played by then.

To begin with the plot, a woman has been brutally murdered and her body is stuffed in a bag. Some random person immediately when saw it, reported the case to city Police. Gaurav Chakraborty and Sabyasachi Chakraborty are playing the role of city police officers who come for the investigation of the crime case. They try to get all the clues but end up with a result that many people are directly or indirectly involved in this case. The intensity of the case doubles up right from that moment. They decide to go deeper into their investigation, make it thicker than usual. Soon they come to a conclusion that all the people involved in this might be related as revenge, lust, power or sex. It was pretty uncertain and the twists in the story doubled. This is how it starts and this where it revolves.

To see so many beautiful actors playing the character with so much conviction, is what you need in today’s time. Lalbazaar trailer has become an instant hit because of its plot, direction, actors and narration. To play such an intense role with conviction is mastery in the craft of their work. As the case unfolds and goes deeper into investigation, you are going to be glued to your chairs like never before. This series in itself is so fast paced and it is sometimes difficult to catch.

It will not let you think about one single scene and start the other. To process so much information all at once is super difficult and that is what is the best part of this series. This crime drama TV series is super mysterious and filled with utmost madness. Now if we pay attention to the tagline of the series it says Law without limits. This is something that has made us curious and none of us can wait to actually watch what happened because no one can actually process the tagline so well.

Tune into ZEE 5 and get ready to binge-watch the entire series in a day. Even the situation that we are in demands us to do so. Guess all the murder mystery lovers and thrillers are all set to watch it and have a good time for sure.