La Grazia Escalator and Moving Walks Company

Importance of Escalators:

Escalators these days are considered part and parcel of urban corporate life. They are now become an essential ingredient of stylish and modern setting. Multi floored plazas, shopping malls, offices, departmental stores are incomplete without them. Understanding this need of the time La Grazia has launched its manufacturing service of escalators. Its service is fully customizable as per to the environment and need. Customers can get moving walks the way want, how they want and where they want. La Grazia has the experience of satisfying customers by fulfilling their expectations. Skilled workers of La Grazia toil hard to deliver durable, reliable and environment friendly moving walks. Italian designs are our forte. But we always keep in view preferences of customers. After having order from buyers,  we manufacture escalators that suit their need. We are committed to turn design on paper into reality.

Safety and Security:

Safety and security are our specialty. We customize our product according to the climate of buyer. Machinery and technology, we use is always up to date according to international standards. We provide test reports that guarantee durability and reliability. We also allow buyer to fully inspect the product before shipping. For that purpose, third party inspection company can also be employed. We are fully responsible for our product not only for manufacturing , but also installing and overhauling. Because we provide sales installation and after sales service too. Our experts are always ready to help customers in any regard in their domain. Satisfied customers are our loyal customers. We love to make them and serve them. Because these loyal customers are always the real asset of a company.

Using the Cutting-Edge Technology:

Usage of Cutting-edge technologies always attracts customers to us. Our engineers work hard to make these technologies available before any competitor  have. Because we understand the importance of moving walk on key places. Old age people and disables are real user of this facility. We feel proud in serving them and believe you too. Therefore, we always endeavor to keep our product glitch free. Escalators we install are durable for extra-ordinary conditions of rush hours and heavy loads. Customers can utilize our product assuredly and confidently.

Consultancy Service:

La Grazia doesn’t have only the manufacturing and installation facility, but we provide consultancy for the drawing of escalator too. Architects can visit company website to have some innovative ideas related to drawing. They can also contact our experts in this regard too. Our experienced experts are always willing to assist and advise architects and other customers. They can be contacted  Not only for the drawing, but in any technical or non-technical related to escalators   too. We have all embracing service which has the capacity of serving customers anytime and anywhere. We also have articles written on our company website, where technical information can be accessed 24/7. For any further query, customers can visit us on our premises. We love to receive them and guide through. Our office is open Monday to Saturday