Kung Fu Panda: What’s Next in The Series?

We all are familiar with the term ‘Kung fu’, the form of martial arts. Movies by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee made this form popularized among viewers. However, the movie that made us fall in love with Kung fu is none but Kung Fu Panda. With Po’s goofiness and his adventure, while learning Kung fu, the movie series has acquired great acclamation among movie-buffs. And if you are a fan too, we have good news for you – the fourth season is COMING!!!


Release date:


 After the release of the first part in 2010, the makers rang the bell of six parts in total. Three of them have already hit the big screen, including the latest one in 2016, so, the fourth one’s arrival can surely be expected.

However, with the global pandemic halting television and movie production, the release date of the fourth installment is not certain.

Kung Fu Panda: What’s Next in The Series? 




In the previous parts, we have already seen that there must be a villain in every season and it is up to Po and his mates how they handle the antagonist. We are expecting the presence of the same in the fourth one as well.

In the third part, we saw Po getting back to his family and living among the panda tribe. Under his father’s guidance, he is becoming the Dragon Warrior and this could present us with a well neat storyline.

Since the production has not begun yet, there is no final word on the plot of the next installment either.




The artists whose voice makes the animation alive are all expected to come back. That means, we can still hear Jack Black’s voice as Po, Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Bran Craston as Shan, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Shifu, Lucy Liye as Viper and Seth Ragen as Mantis.


Where can we see it?


We need the production to start to see the trailer on board.