Kraft Paper Market Analysis: Growing Customization is increasing demand for Specialty Kraft Paper Segment

The Global market for Kraft Paper was valued at US$ 14,818.6 million in 2017. The Global Kraft Paper market is forecast to expand at CAGR of 3.9%.

Kraft Paper is produced by Kraft (chemical) pulp, has high toughness handling capacity and printability. Kraft Paper is widely used in the packaging industry, by converting it into bags, pouches, wrapping papers, cans, cartons, corrugated sheets including others. Kraft pulp, which is used for the manufacturing of Kraft Paper, is comparatively darker than other than other wood pulps. Kraft Paper can be bleached to improve its brightness and is also used for the purpose of handling heavy duty items. Kraft pulping technology has better performance than other pulping technologies which implies its usage, it is employed in approximately 80% of the total paper production. Kraft Paper is available with different characteristics across the world which includes sack Kraft Paper and specialty Kraft Paper. The demand for customization is increasing due to growing consumer bargaining power and improving technical specification qualities. Specialty Kraft Paper basically includes two types of paper: machine glazed and machine finished Kraft Paper. Machine glazed papers are used for packaging of end use based products, which has high consumer appeal. Machine glazed paper applications ranges from consumer goods to fat-resistant papers, fast food markets, barrier paper for butter & other dairy packaging among others.

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The Global Kraft Paper market is segmented as per basis weight, product type, grade type, finish type, application and end use. There are a variety of Kraft Papers available in wide range of basis weight, which basically tells about the density of Kraft Paper. Thickness of Kraft Paper affects its applications, and usually increment in its thickness improves its quality. Sack & specialty Kraft Papers are available in different thickness options & finishing type, which enhances their performance capabilities. Kraft Paper can be used without bleaching or it can be bleached to improve its dullness. Bleached Kraft Paper has less effect of Ultra-violet rays on its brightness and breaking length. Bleached Kraft Paper also has better properties as compared to unbleached Kraft Paper. Unbleached Kraft Paper is used for industrial purpose or to handle large and bulky items. The demand for bleached Kraft Paper is driving the global Kraft Paper market. Kraft Paper usage is witnessing improvement in statistics due to increasing use of packaging paper. Kraft Paper is also classified on the basis of finish type which includes glazed and finished type. Finished type of Kraft Papers are used where smoothness of paper is a key concern, and scores high in terms of toughness. Kraft Paper application include bags & pouches, corrugated sheets, cartons, sacks, envelopes, and composite cans. The usage of bags and pouches is increasing due to consumer demands and need for convenient packaging. Sacks are widely used in manufacturing facilities and industries, which produces powdered materials and other fertilizers. Kraft Paper is used in making corrugated boxes and other corrugated materials by making two layers of Kraft Paper on a corrugated material. Corrugated sheets are used for making folding cartons, boxes, rolls and other packaging solutions. Composite cans have variety of product types available, based on its production technique, closure type, can diameter and its uses. Composite cans are often replaced by Wrapping paper bags and other pouches, but have number of applications in other industries than food & beverages.

Manufacturing Process of Kraft Paper:

Softwood fibers used for Kraft pulping process, which provides high folding strength and has better printability than hardwood pulp which are comparatively shorter. Softwood Pulp used for Kraft Paper manufacturing is excellent material for printing paper, Kraft Papers, text papers, offset papers.

Recyclability of Kraft Paper:

The manufacturing process of Kraft Paper has better recovery of waste released from the Kraft pulping process. Kraft Paper can be manufactured by recovered papers which can be magazines, newspapers, office papers, and other packaging paper exclusive of paper used in food applications. Almost of all the paper & paperboard production, more than half is covered by packaging paper, which includes packaging paper.

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Kraft Paper Market: Recent Developments:

  • Key manufacturers are coming up with new packaging solutions produced by Kraft Paper. Zipper pouches, stand-up pouches and other consumer convenient bags are introduced to have eligibility for user preference
  • Kraft Paper used for medical purpose are made from long softwood fibers which gives wet strength, tensile strength and required flexibility to the paper. While shorter softwood fibers affects the formation of Kraft Paper and its pore size.
  • Companies invests in Employee research groups and other research and developments so as to have innovative solutions which enhances the quality and performance of packaging products.
  • WestRock Company has following Employee Research Groups:
    • African-American network
    • Creating Leaders and Impacting Change(CLIC)
    • Latino Network
    • Women’s Network
  • Smurfit Kappa uses innovation tools which can use and collect data from the world to develop new findings every day. Those tools are PackExpert, Innobook, Store Visualizer, Shelf Viewer, Magic Hat, and Paper to Box including others
  • Companies invests in research and development for sustainable growth of their business which includes manufacturers such as Georgia-Pacific LLC and Stora Enso Oyj
    • Georgia-Pacific LLC invests in sustainability actions from reducing waste to using resources efficiently
      • Paper recycling
      • Cans and Bottle recycling
      • Transforming wood waste into energy for mills

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