The first step of knowing how to play idn poker is determining the different games you will play. You can play poker online or on an onsite casino.With the advancement of technology, playing online is favored by many. It provides you with a wide array of options to choose from. Not to mention, you get to bet on the different poker games at the comfort of your room. That said the following are the different types of poker games you should play this month:

Texas Hold’em.

Many people globally love to play Texas Hold’em. You will find the game easy to play. Therefore, if you are a newbie to playing online poker, Texas Hold’em will be a perfect place to get started. The game play is pretty basic. The dealer will have to shuffle a standards 52 card-deck. The round disk or the dealer button will move clockwise on each hand. The latter process will enable the determination of the player who will be the dealer in a situation where the game is safe dealt. The great news is that many online sites provide you with a tutorial on how to play Texas Hold’em online.


If you know how to play Texas Hold’em, it will be easy for you to play Omaha poker game. In this game, you will get four-hole cards. You will only have to use two cards from either hand. You will have a total of five community cards. They will feature a flop, river, and a turn. When betting, you will have to play with a limit of pot limit. You can bet on two common variations. The first one is the Omaha High. The second is the Omaha-8-or- Better.

Seven Cards Stud.

If you do not love to playidn poker along, the Seven Card Stud will be a popular game for you. The good news is that the game was a popular one before Texas Holdem came to be. When it comes to playing it, you will play it with two to eight players. You will do that without a flop or a community card. You will start playing the game with two cards facing down. The third stud will face up. It is important to note the game is played as a limit game. Therefore, you will need to pay much attention to the different cards that your opponent has. Knowing where to play this game online would be a perfect place to get started. A good online site will provide you with a higher probability of winning.

2-7 Tripple Draw.

If you love playing advanced poker games, the 2-7 Triple Draw will be a good game choice for you. Your objective when playing this game would be to make the lowest possible five card hand as possible. You will need to do this within a four round betting game. Your number of draws should not exceed three as well.
In conclusion, you will have different types of poker games to play, some mentioned in this article.