Know from scratch about Bitcoin VPS

Bitcoin VPS

There are many web and VPS hosting providers that accept the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin as their payment method.

Bitcoins are being used widely and are accepted cryptocurrency for trades. Earlier, there were huge doubts about Bitcoins and can amount to volatility, but many businesses would include VPS Servers that accept Bitcoins and pay their customers in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin VPS is an easy way to purchase a VPS Server, but one should be very much aware before making a transaction.

But still, you cannot trust all these providers, andmany things need to be considered before you buy a web hosting plan with Bitcoins.

About Bitcoins

Bitcoins are one of the most popular types of decentralized digital currencies or, more accurately, cryptocurrencies.

Precisely, Bitcoin is a currency and an entirely digital assetthat was invented and published by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008.

Since the year 2009, many service providers and online shops have started to accept Bitcoins as the online mode of payment.

It was used such widely because it provides the advantage of no chargeback option as they use Bitcoin to pay for their service.

This is the reason one needs to be extra careful while selecting a Bitcoin Hosting provider.

It is undoubtedly an excellent option for the provider as they are getting protected from fraud chargebacks or stolen PayPal accounts. But, on the contrary, the customers are at a considerable risk of falling into a scam or not getting any refund or no service.

About VPS

For a website owner in this era the term ‘VPS’ is not a new or strange word. VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, and its functionalities provide you to manage space like a dedicated server.

VPS protects you from the interference of neighbouring sites and can provide some real benefits like delivering the services of upgrading your resources with the growth of your website, unhindered speed, more control, enhanced security and privacy, and many more.

How to buy a VPS with Bitcoins safely?

There need to be considered many things when you intend to buy a cheap KVM VPS or any other hosting service with Bitcoins.

You can follow the process of making a good choice while buying but not lose any money.

  1. Choosing to Buy or Mine Bitcoins

The primary step that you need is to buy Bitcoin or to mine them.You can buy Bitcoin on Bitstamp, for instance, which provides an exchange service.

The second option that you can avail of is to “mine” your Bitcoins. With your PC or server for Bitcoin, mining would not be a good option.

It is better to join a Bitcoin mining pool, a network dedicated to people providing resources for earning Bitcoins and sharing the profits.

  1. Finding a Bitcoin VPS Provider

As soon as you get your Bitcoins, you would need to find a hosting provider that would accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

You can find the best bet on your Google search for “Bitcoin VPS” if you ever wish to buy a Linux unmetered VPS using Bitcoin as a payment method.

Yes, there are many VPS provider who offers Bitcoin payments, but everyone can’t be trusted.

  1. Verifying the Bitcoin Hosting Provider

As you have found a provider that offers your required services, you do not need to buy any product.

This is because there is no way for a chargeback or reversal payment for Bitcoin. The payment method is an anonymous one.

The above facts create enormous opportunities for criminals to do malware activities. It usually happens as these criminals create a website where they provide services to buy with Bitcoins. Once you buy their service, you won’t receive any assistance from them. Instead, they would loot your Bitcoins.

For this, it is mandatory to verify that you need to pick a very established and reputed Bitcoin VPS hosting provider before making any payment. To maintain its security, you need to follow these steps-

  • Research-Do proper research for “providername+reviews” and check what Google has to say.
  • Social Media-Look for Facebook and Twitter for more information about the provider. A severe provider would keep their social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter well maintained, and that would have 300+ followers or likes. Ensure to check the Facebook reviews properly; too good.
  • WHOIS Lookup-You can go to ICANN WHOIS andlook for the domain name of the provider.There you will find the domain registrant’s contact number along with the date of the domain’s registration. Ensure that your part is not older than 2-3 years and the contact details that have been provided are the real one and not some random information.


Qualities your service provider should have

  • Your service provider should allow you to have your data centre from any corner of the world.
  • Your VPS provider should have Bitcoin VPS servers worldwide, and that the data centresshould be available all around the world.
  • The service provider should provide you with experts of hardware and software who are eagerly looking forward to helping you fix hardware issues that you can have through Bitcoins. Also, your privacy should not have tampered and that they should be very much aware while your transactions are being made.

Conclusion about Bitcoin VPS

Bitcoins are an excellent and secured mode of payment for services such as web hosting.The charges are done almost instantly, and that is a huge advantage.

Various hosting providers are now accepting decentralized currencies such as Bitcoins.

The only disadvantage that the customer can face is not finding any option to revert the payment. So, you need to be aware of this fact while you are researching before making any payment.

It is advised only to make any payment once you are very much aware of your provider and trust them or are prepared to lose your money.