Kids gadgets every parent needs to know about

We all know that being a new parent is hard, but having some of the best gadgets on the market can make it slightly easier. Have you also just had your first child and are a bit unsure what to do to keep the baby relaxed and happy? Are you also overwhelmed by the range of gadgets available and don’t know which ones are best for your kid? It is essential to keep in mind that Parent tech is a huge market and can be difficult to navigate. However, if you are looking for some interesting gadgets for your kid, there is no need to worry because here is the description of some of the interesting ones.

  • Headphones

First, there were earbuds, then true wireless, then portable Bluetooth speakers, and how manufacturers make headphones specifically tailored for kids. The main difference is the build-in volume limitation to make sure your child does not cause hearing damage or hearing loss. So when you decide to venture and choose wireless headphones for your kid, make sure that feature does not get overlooked.

  • Dropcam

As we know that old-school baby monitors were great back in the heyday of cordless phones. However, in the era of smartphones, the parents need something powerful than radio waves to keep an eye on their kid. Home monitoring webcam, Dropcam is considered as a no-brainer for the nursery by letting iPhone moms and Android dads monitor their kids with the help of high-quality streaming video. They can easily keep an eye on the kid whether they’re in the next room or out on a date.

This high-quality Dropcam is plenty powerful enough to keep an eye on parents’ little angel, with a 107-degree field of view. The parent can also facilitate with 4-time digital zoom and motion and sound alerts when the accompanying app is closed.

  • Garmin Vivosmart

Every infant wants the shiny new Apple Watch and feels love while love grabbing at its full-color touch screen. A smarter choice for connected parents is just for $169 Garmin Vivosmart. It is a full-featured activity tracker that can integrate with both Android and iOS to receive all manner of smartphone notifications whenever you want. You can keep an eye from who’s calling to schedule a visit, to Facebook comments on your adorable baby pictures.

With the help of vibrating alerts, it is fascinating to know that Vivosmart won’t wake the baby, and with sleep-tracking capabilities. This gadget can help bleary-eyed parents monitor their health. The waterproof bands are the best feature of its tiny, black, and white OLED display. It makes it more plenty clear and bright, yet subtle enough to not pique youngster’s interests.

Moreover, here is surprising news that the display uses low-energy technology, and the battery can last up to seven days easily. So charging the device for the kids is one less thing overtaxed parents needs to worry about.

  • Philips/Disney Friends of Hue StoryLight

Storytime seems like a great treat for the kids, but parents know it to be a clever way to bring down the energy and bring on the nap. Likewise, there is generally Mickey Mouse-themed lamp might that looks just like fun to kids, but it’s a sneaky way for adults to integrate smart, web-connected lighting into the home.

The device is paired with a wireless bridge and the StoryLight can throw up to 16 million different colors on a wall by using low-energy LED light. However, the magic enhances when you open Disney Storytime that is an Android and iOS e-book app, syncs with the light, displaying colors from the pages of more than forty various stories. You can use it as a nightlight, mood lighting as well as a story-telling aid. This versatile smart lamp is so much more than a casual toy.

  • WeMo Switch + Motion

Every kid thinks that he or she invented the best excuse to get out of bed. However, but parents know better. By using the Wi-Fi-connected WeMo Switch + Motion, the parents can hack together a way to head off their tip-toeing toddler at the pass easily.

All you have to do is just plug the Motion sensor somewhere near the child’s bed. Then use the accompanying Switch with a lamp, wherever you like to hang out, like the family room or the bedroom. The motion sensor will turn on the light, silently by alerting parents that there’s a jailbreak in progress.